What other shows (non King Gizz) are you seeing?

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Got the rare chance to see a great touring Punk band in my city a couple of months ago, Private Function from Melbourne. Was the most fun I’ve had seeing live music in years, just complete chaos in a crowd of about 30:

Then C.O.F.F.I.N later this month, another good hard core/punk band who were recently joined on stage by Ambrose. Courtesy of @tora1 :wink::

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Yeaaa! So cool! I’ll be seeing coffin together with tropical fuck storm next friday… Maybe Ambrose will join in again?! The chances are high!

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Yeah those caught my eye, but I’m going to the one I don’t have to travel to every time haha. Am planning to get up that way for Dirty Three though, that should be a special one.

Friend invited me to see Vampire Weekend at Madison Square Garden in October so naturally I am going to see Vampire Weekend at MSG in October :smiley: It’s the week after my 40th birthday too so perfect timing for my old ass!

This looks awesome, these kinds of shows will stick in your memory forever… reminds me when I saw Les Savy Fav at this place around me called Whirly Ball… it was definitely not a regular music venue… the place they played held about 50 people. I am pretty sure I tore my meniscus at that show leading to years of pain, but man the memories :smiley: plus my knee is all better now.


Tyler Childers and Black Country New Road coming up for me

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Next thing I have on tap is Psychedelic Porn Crumpets at the end of May. Glass Beams are coming around at the same time but their show’s sold out so hoping they add a second.

Lotus on 4/20!