What other shows (non King Gizz) are you seeing?

This looks awesome, these kinds of shows will stick in your memory forever… reminds me when I saw Les Savy Fav at this place around me called Whirly Ball… it was definitely not a regular music venue… the place they played held about 50 people. I am pretty sure I tore my meniscus at that show leading to years of pain, but man the memories :smiley: plus my knee is all better now.


Tyler Childers and Black Country New Road coming up for me

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Next thing I have on tap is Psychedelic Porn Crumpets at the end of May. Glass Beams are coming around at the same time but their show’s sold out so hoping they add a second.

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Lotus on 4/20!

Mulatu Astatke is touring!! Legend!

Also on the docket…

  • Joe Russo’s Almost Dead (shameless plug: check out this JRAD setlist site I made)
  • Janet Jackson
  • Missy Elliot
  • Beck w/orchestra
  • Dweezil Zappa
  • Mildlife

Would also love to catch Glass Beams but yeah sold out before I found out about it :hushed:

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who do we send the strongly worded letters to about getting that second Glass Beams show scheduled??

Added jamming, live

They’re from Melbourne, maybe Stu can step in and intervene for us?

Got to see Children Of Finland Fighting In Norway (COFFIN) on Saturday. Just some incredibly solid, conscious Hard Rock/Punk out of Sydney. Very uplifting stuff. They’re off to UK/Europe next month.

Gong + Hawkwind in Aug

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Just saw Slowdive and Drab Majesty the other night and finally seeing Swans next week.

Seeing Adrianne Lenker in June and might see Jaye Jayle, Wolf Eyes and Young Widows play in August.

The Polyphonic Spree tickets are on sale this morning…well at least the The Chapel show in SF is on sale. This band has influenced countless psychedelic bands over the years and St. Vincent was part of their touring band for a period a long time ago. They tour so rarely, this could be the last opportunity for a long time.


Just picked up a ticket for Belle & Sebastian at the Fox in Oakland in a few weeks. I was surprised floor tix were still available. I’ve been a fan for years but for some reason never tried to see them before.

Looking forward to Belle and Sebastian at the Fox tonight. Floor tickets are still available.

Got a cool little post-semester spring run of shows coming up. BMFS in Denver tomorrow and saturday followed IDLES or Knocked Loose Sunday (hard decision I still haven’t made and made harder by having friends attending both). Then catching a flight to Minneapolis for the BMFS show at the Armory and then seeing LCD Soundsystem there the next night.

If I’m lucky I’ll round the month out with Glass Beams but I also missed tickets for my area (and then they actually did add a second show which I also somehow missed.)

Live music rocks.

Kamasi Washington tomorrow for me!