King Gizzard news updates/upcoming projects 📰 📬

The Silver Cord Cyborg sunglasses will be available on Gizzverse today:


Australia show scheduled at Play on the Plains on March 9! King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Baker Boy lead Play on the Plains Festival 2024 - Forte Magazine


2024 US tour openers announced:

Geese up to the Gorge, and King Stingray for the rest.
If you aren’t across King Stingray I would recommend doing so:

They are really the face of popular first nations music in Australia at the moment. From the Northern Territory (where Joey grew up).

Quite a different sound from King Stingray while still feeling familiar. My first impression is a good one. More of a reason to make this Vegas>Phoenix>Albuquerque run happen.

New South America show added for 2024:


This new interview has a hint at the next recording project:

Basically just that it will be guitar based again, and implied that it will be more composed with less jamming. Nothing we didn’t already know really.

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New South America Lollapalooza side show:

From the latest IG story. looks like the boys are back in t̶o̶w̶n̶ the studio. Looking forward to the full Sex On Fire cover

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Another session, seems like vocal overdubs. What about the pointing emoji? Signifying that they’re singing ‘I love you’?

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The new album is called “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires”!!! YHIHF!!!


According to someone on Gizzcord that met Joey at a recent Mildlife show.
Proggy Country/blues like has been hinted at could be divisive.

Two sleeps away!

Weather forecast of 39ºC and literal fireworks before they play, it’s gonna be a unique experience…

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Are you going to be there?

Yep! Road tripping with a few mates on Saturday, camping, then driving back Sunday. Might be the only time we can see them all year without leaving the country…

Oh, you’re in New South Wales! Surely you’ll be there?!


I may be in NSW, but I’m about four times further away from Deniliquin than you are haha. Just not feasible for me this time, if they are playing in Melbourne later this year as has been hinted at I should be able to fly down so I’m holding out for that.

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2 weeks back I met Joey at the album launch of Mildlife in Melbourne. got a chance to speak with him. here are a few things he said:

-they are working on 2 albums (as of 2 weeks back, mind)
-1st album is going to be ambrose focussed and more -rootsy-
-2nd album is “we all just have ADHD and it is what we want to record at the moment. kinda heavy stuff”
-album art of that 1st album is his favourite artwork so far, implying the art is done already
-intrasport is getting a debut this year -there is going to be a synth section at the shows in the same way there are microtonal sections. I havent asked him if this means that the microtonal section is going to be more rare
-there are going to be 2 melbourne surprise shows in october-november
-they had planned a mini australian tour in April but cancelled “because we wanted to relax before the big tour” (edited)

if you’ve read anything similar in the past 2 weeks, it came from me


Surprise shows :frowning: Just missed out on Fred Again for $10 last weekend due to the show being unannounced, will be very hard to get to Melbourne if they don’t give much notice.

You’re gonna get there.

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New IG story

That thingy he’s holding is a Behringer RD-9 – Musikhaus Thomann, a clone of the legendary Roland 909 drum machine.

House record incoming?

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