King Gizzard news updates/upcoming projects 📰 📬

Scattered across the internet realm are various snippets of information that indicate what is coming up for King Gizzard. Here are some of them:

  • 31 Oct 2023: The band conducted their 5th Reddit AMA. Here is a summary.

Upcoming Studio Material:

  • As of Oct 2023, the band have “got a few projects on the go — not anywhere near completion or anything…” as is supported by the following.
    Recording will ‘start soon’ (likely after October 2023) for an album with the ‘parameter’ of each band member swapping instruments more than usual, including Lucas playing keyboard. It is implied that this is a new and separate project to other works of 2023.
    As confirmed by the above Spin piece, the band recorded new music every day for a week in early October 2023, which had been planned earlier in the year.
    A recording session was conducted in July with Cavs (and probably the rest, he is just the one to post the below picture). This session happened shortly after Joey and Lucas’ appearance on the Office Hours podcast, where they briefly mentioned a ‘more traditionally written’ (ie. not composed by jamming) project. This may be supported by the minimal ‘jazzy’ kit setup as pictured.
    As of Jan 2024 they seem to have started focusing on one guitar based project that they are working on sporadically between tour prep and family life.

Live Shows:

  • 2024 tours of the Americas have been announced.

  • 23 Jun 2023: Intrasport is “definitely” going to be performed live in the future now that the band have had a successful run with their latest synth/sequencer live setup.
    Intrasport was reportedly soundchecked at the 2023-08-15 Germany show, but never performed by the conclusion of the tour, even though the band referenced its lyrics in a Tweet wrapping up the tour.
    Oct 31 update: Joey still wants to play the song live, but reiterates how difficult it is.


  • Bluegrass/Country inspired music may be on the table after this impromptu jam during the 2023-06-04 acoustic show at The Caverns. Billy Strings attended the 2023-08-10 show in Sweden, and hung out with the band after, prompting further speculation of a collab.
    Oct 31 2023 update: Stu avoids the question of if they have any projects planned together, but states he’s a sweet guy and collaborating would be ‘fucking crazy’.

  • Oct 31: Stu thinks that the didgeridoo is ‘amazing’ and would be open to collaborating with an indigenous artist using one.
    Update: Indigenous (Yolŋu) Surf-Rock band King Stingray will join King Gizzard for a portion of their 2024 touring. They have two band members that play didgeridoo, but no evidence currently exists that they intend to collaborate.

‘Never’ happening or abandoned projects:

  • Christmas, Ska/Reggae (Fantano interview), or full rap album (Office Hours podcast appearance).
    As of Oct 31 2023, Lucas is “curious” about Ska as a genre for King Gizzard to explore, and Joey flips between joking about actually doing it and doubling down that it will never happen.

  • The complete Nonagon Infinity visual album (‘maybe when they run out of new ideas’).

  • A ‘Chunky Shrapnel 2’ concert film was planned for the cancelled '22 Autumn Europe tour, it is unclear if this plan will eventually go ahead.

  • The ‘Sexy Alien’ soundcheck jam will not bet released as a song (2023 Reddit AMA).

  • On returning to the signature Mind Fuzz/Nonagon sound, Stu is unsure they even could if they tried, and if they did it would probably sound different (2023 Reddit AMA).

  • The band would like to release the Hollywood Bowl marathon recording, but licensing for the venue name is prohibitively expensive (2023 Reddit AMA).

Let the rampant speculation and new updates begin!

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Speculation: They may release the Hollywood Bowl show in some capacity. It’s the only show of the tour not released by Nugs, and there was a professional camera crew there.


To clarify, Nugs hasn’t released any recordings…you could just rent them for a short period.

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Gizzverse drop in just under 90 minutes.

A demo for Real’s Not Real is available via this charity compilation


Whole crew detained in Switzerland for an unspecified reason:

Visa issues?

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Two weeks of recording set aside in October, updated the OP with info.
Surely to set aside a full two weeks suggests the beginning of a new project right? They usually do a block like that, then continue more individually with overdubs later on.

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Record fair before the show soon in Barcelona. Tickets via Gizzverse Instagram.


Thank you for doing this thread. Reddit is overrun by bot ads trying to sell shirts and mugs, Instagram is just out of control with “suggestions” and Facebook/twitter just plain stink. I wish Gizz updated their website more, but until then I’ll be getting my King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard news here :grin:


Looks like new Bootlegger stuff on Bandcamp!

Chicago '23: Live In Chicago '23 | King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Demos 5 & 6: Demos Vol. 5 + Vol. 6 | King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Oh hell yeah!!! So pleased to see that the band selected this run to amplify from the Residency Tour (mostly because these two of three were the only I could see this summer). Such tremendous shows!

I listened up to Witchcraft on my way to work. Looking forward to the drive home…might even leave early!

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Bootlegger releases should be a federal holiday, agreed


Happy Chris Pratt GIF by Parks and Recreation


I have to find the part of them talking about the next album in this interview. I should have screen recorded when I was watching it for the first time.
It’s them talking about the Yang :eyes:

A dancey album perhaps? That’s definitely an Intrasport reference.

Reference to how they soundchecked it but never played it maybe :upside_down_face:

The last bit of Flamethrower that gets electronic is maybe my favorite part of the album. I could see the new album pretty much starting with Flamethrower but the electro version…so, not Flamethrower but Rail Gun.


I’d be surprised if the end of Flamethrower doesn’t directly transition into the first track of the counterpart album.


I am headed to Arctic Monkeys @ Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in Queens, New York (very excited!). On the train platform, I passed two MSG staffers. I said, I would be remiss if I did not ask - Phish in December? They of course said yes, but then also confirmed that a certain group of Aussie lads are on the schedule for early next year, Feb/March. Insider scoop, take it with a grain of salt. Happened about 45 minutes ago


let’s fucking goooooooooo