Happy Birthday to the Forum!

Way way back, late last June, us weirdos here at KGLW.net finally got our act together and established this here Forum for the swarm… so it turns out that…

June 23 is the birthday of the KGLW.net Forum!

:partying_face: :cake: :piñata:

Big thanks to y’all for being here!! — for having fun, for reacting to updates from the band, for sharing your awesome art, for following the Couch Tour threads (and shouting out the teases you hear!), for coordinating fan meet-ups, and for sharing the non-Gizz music and all the other stuff that excites you!

Thanks to everyone here for sharing your Gizzard fandom with us!

A Brief History of KGLW.net

Cheers to y’all :beers: we’re excited to see what the future holds for Gizz-Liz-Wiz and all of us fans!


Echoing the thanks from @SupremeAxendancy to those who have been a part of this from the start, those just joining, and everyone in between. A venture like this forum can be slow to lift off, but it does feel like the recent Europe tour really showed that the KGLW.net Forum has grown its wings.

Coincidentally, I saw that Phish.net just celebrated 33 years. Who knows what the future holds for us, but I’m optimistic that our KGLW.net community has a long future ahead.

Thank you all for adding your vibrancy to these shared moments in timeland! :heart:


For the anniversary, here is a little peak behind the curtain:

(Remember thats page views per type of user, we don’t have 15,000+ registered users yet)

That Europe tour really was a significant time to be here!