Who's seeing Europe tour?

Who’s hitting any of the upcoming Europe tour? I flew over for Brussels and London earlier this year and had so much fun. I knew I would be tempted to go again so I haven’t renewed my passport, and it expires next month.


Pretty sure those English fucks with their Brexit shit are to blame somehow…


Derry residency when?

I’m in Europe now and am sadly leaving before the tour begins. They’re even playing their first show in my second-home of Slovakia in early August. It hurts that I can’t be here for it.

If you wait around for Gizz to come to you in this day and age you may be in for a very long wait.

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Still no one here hitting any shows. Who will be first? Will it be a European or American or maybe even somewhere else? I recall some Brazilians traveling to London for the shows earlier this year. I’m bumping this thread until we get some forum members on tour.

Added europe, gator

This upcoming Europe tour is very festival-based, and it’s too expensive for me to travel to any of them. Accommodation, travel and the tickets for just one day are so expensive combined. I did see them 4 times back in March in 3 different countries, so that was awesome.

I think the perception is its mostly festival, but if you check out the details, most of the second half of the tour are stand alone shows or small festivals where you can buy single day tickets. If I hadn’t already traveled to Brussels and London in March, and again for parts of the US tour, I would be looking at some of these:

8/21 Munich, Germany
8/22 Padua, Italy
8/24 Barcelona, Spain (5,000 capacity open air plaza)
8/26 Canela Party, Torremolinos, Spain (3 day festival with Gizz headlining final night…it appears you can buy single day tickets)
8/27 Madrid, Spain
8/29 Toulouse, France
8/30 La Rochelle, France
8/31 Lille, France

I have tickets for the Padova show. I am supposed to travel from Bulgaria (through Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia) with a car.

I’m saying that “I’m supposed to” instead of that “I will” cause I had plans for Greece and Croatia last year, but they broke down last moment, so i don’t want to jynx it…

In reality, I haven’t been that excited for anything in my life before, I live for August 22nd.

Hey thanks! I looked at this ages ago, so I think they added in some stand-alone shows since then. I live in the Nordics so it’s a bit far, but will look into it. At least happening to be near Belgium in Sep so gonna see The Murlocs then!

Cologne and Luxembourg

I’d love to go to the Manchester show, but no tickets left. Was hoping to make it my first King Gizzard gig. Maybe next time!

People are always changing plans and unloading their tickets. I would of missed out on a ton of great shows over the years if i gave up trying once it sold out, including a bunch of Gizz shows last year. Tickets for Remlinger were selling on stubhub for less than face value in the days before those shows.

Yeah I got myself on a list incase some tickets are cancelled, hopefully I will be able to get a couple

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I’ll be going to Lille and Manchester :smiley:

5th and 6th times seeing them, cant wait :slight_smile:

I wish! March tour was incredible but I can’t afford it this time around.

Though my friend that I took to the Weisbaden show (her first time seeing Gizz) and shes going to the Cologne show. Another soul converted!

Sorry you can’t make any of these, neither can I, but at least @VomitComet is awesome username

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if you guys fund my trip I’ll record every show but make sure they sound like ass. Who is with me!?

Lets start a gofundme for this righteous cause