Who's seeing Europe tour?

I’ll be at a few, can’t wait!

  • Palp Festival (which may end up being the coolest venue I’ll ever see a gig at)
  • Cologne
  • Luxembourg
  • Munich
  • Padova
  • Barcelona
  • Manchester

Can’t wait! Weather should be slightly nicer than the tour in March :sweat_smile:

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I’m super jealous

Any chance you’d like to give KGLW.net some updates from the road? We’re hoping to have live setlist updates going, especially if we can get live streams. Just sending in the setlist during or afterwards would be a big help, and/or reviews of the shows? Sharing some photos or video would be great, too.

Yeah more than happy to where I can, will depend on data allowances (I’m from UK and my phone plan only includes a certain amount of data) but will try my best to post live updates if needed! How do I go about that?

Get this man a set of mics

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there should be a thread here and reddit for these upcoming shows if you want to give updates to everyone in the thread. That is usually what people do.

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Yeah I’m going to the Manchester gig! And got tickets to the fest too where uncle murl is playing! I’m pumped! 6th gig this year :rofl:

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Seems we won’t have Streamus for Europe. Anyone else going to be recording? I understand it can be intimidating but plenty of people in here are willing to help!

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His stress really came across during some of the Residency Tour streams, I’m glad he’s able to recognise when its too much if it means he can stay in the game longer.

Cool I’ll keep an eye out for the threads and see what I can do! I usually post quite a bit during the tours on my IG @jameshastoomanyvinyls if anyone is interested in some poorly taken photos of Europe

@hanke @fishie @Guilll @Convergingwitchcraft @rykphish Sorry for the spam tag but I’m wondering if any of you are going to see Gizz on this upcoming tour?
I know a few of you already did in June.

I am seeing them on the festival in Gothenburg on thursday next week!


Unfortunately not, I can’t afford traveling for the gigs this time.

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Hey as we’re getting closer to tour wanted to check back on helping out with some live setlists. There are a few ways we could do that depending on how much you’d like to be involved.
A. The most involved would be that we can give you access as an admin of our website and you could do the updates live from the show. It’s very easy to do from your phone.
B. Post live setlist updates here or in our site development Discord. We can invite you to the Discord if you’d like. Just let us know.
C. You can send in the full setlist or partial updates during the show in a thread here, emailed to kglw.net@gmail.com, or on our live reddit thread.

Same goes for anyone else who will be on Euro Tour! Help us be the site that’s got the live setlist updates for what is surely going to be a legendary tour.

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Going to do the three Spain Dates! Can’t wait!

Hopefully will see some of you there. Not sure if there is any meetups being organised etc…

Keep an eye out here: if any meetups are happening, we’ll advertise them

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ngl, this is a weak lineup (I don’t get the national hype tho)

So I’m going to:

  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • London
  • Bristol
  • Brighton

Can’t wait, especially the acoustic gig. Just wondering if there’s anyone with a spare ticket for Bristol?


That’ll surely be an amazing stretch of shows. You wouldn’t happen to be a taper, would you? It’d be great to know these shows were going to be recorded.

Nah sadly not. I know that there’s @silverbacktaping on insta who’s a british taper, I hope he’s going to a few of the shows!