What was the very first Gizz album/song you listened to?

With such a large discography, I think it would be cool to know how different people were introduced to the band! I got into them by listening to Sketches; I randomly grabbed the album at a record store bc I wanted to check out a band I had never listened to and I vaguely recognized their name. Loved it and slowly branched out from there!

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The very first song I listened to was Work This Time. I know it’s kind of basic, but I found it back when I was in highschool. I just remember listening to it all the time. Getting high and feeling like time slowed down when i listened to it


Technically, Mind Fuzz but it was at a social event and i didn’t really have room to give it attention. A few months later, a buddy sat me down with Gumboot and that’s what got me hooked.

I’d never heard of them until Nonagon Infinity came out and it was getting a lot of buzz, so I put it on and funnily enough, I didn’t really get it the first time, so I threw on something else before it even got to Big Fig Wasp. Around a week later I decided to throw it on again to see if it hit any different the second time around and it really did. I specifically remember hitting Gamma Knife and thinking “yeah, this band fucking rules”.

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Got into the band right after Fishies, but I first heard Nonagon. Listened to the whole album every chance I could for a week or so before digging into the rest of their discography at the time. I was blown away from the very beginning, but I think that first “Did your God know?” on Big Fig Wasp got me hooked.

Hard to say, because I listen to psychedelic rock mixes all the time and surely heard them lots on those. I’d heard about Gizz ever since moving to New Zealand in 2017. The 5 years prior to that I was traveling in Latin America on my bicycle so that was kind of an empty period of discovery, music wise. Anyways, it must have been just after Infest the Rats Nest when I gave them the first intentional shot and that didn’t go too well, lol. I didn’t try again until my Phishy friends back home started making noise about their live shows and I saw they were playing in NZ in the next year so I tried again. Probably started with live stuff and then Omnium Gatherum, and then the discography from the top. It finally clicked and here we are. I haven’t felt this way about a band since falling in love with Phish in the 90s (which also took a while!). Wish I had tried harder previously but still, glad to be here now!


bf3k, loved it then, love it still now.
Got into it because a cool person (text on my screen) liked the music and I thought damn, I should check them out then!

Polygondwanaland. Found it for free around 2017/18. Didn’t like it at all - thought it was kind of boring. I listened to them a little bit more and found some good songs but it wasn’t until Cyboogie that I was a dedicated fan.

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The People-Vultures video popped up in my recommendations on YouTube in 2017. It took some time to get used to the band and to understand what the hell was going on, but this was my initial introduction to the band.

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For me it was Polygondwanaland/Crumbling Castle. I’d been hearing about the band for a while but was super into Phish so never took the time to look into it. As I started branching out more into psych rock I finally decided to give them a shot early 2019 or so. I was faced with the standard challenge of finding an entry point with so much to choose from so I just picked the album with the trippiest looking cover art to start with. That was pretty much all she wrote, I felt like I had found the second coming of Pink Floyd.

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I’ve kind got two first times hearing them and this is maybe a bit more ‘how did you get into Gizz’; I think the first song I ever heard was something off either Oddments or PMDB. I’d seen people seeming excited about them online and didn’t know anything other than they were an Australian band with a weird name that puts out multiple albums a year and it took a while before I decided to check them out. I can’t remember whether I just looked up their name and put on the first song that came up or got a suggestion from my brother but I remember my reaction being ‘oh, so it’s kinda like some psychedelic folk thing’ and being a little underwhelmed and moving on

Years later I was sitting on my couch scrolling on twitter and saw a tweet that was just “Holy shit they played The Dripping Tap” No other context, I’m not even sure if it was someone that I actually followed, but they seemed excited; their post was tagged in Las Vegas, so I looked up the name of the song and what shows were happening there and thought “oh, it’s that lizard band. yea, guess I’ll give them another shot.” Looked 'em up real quick and saw this was the single for their album coming out next week, put it on and a couple minutes in thought “Oh, cool, so I have a new favorite song now. I hope the rest of their stuff doesn’t suck.” Next I checked out Mind Fuzz and Nonagon and listened to The Dripping Tap 3 to 4 times a day until Omnium Gatherum and have been obsessed since lol


Saw them kn a Coachella 2017 webcast.

Streamed a few albums in the background… didn’t really click.

Wound up listening to Nonagon some months later and immediately loved the album.

But really enjoyed Fishies and Rats Nests came out, then it was Mystery Jacks 2019 recordings that hooked me for life.

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Mr. Beat. You can thank FunkE for that one. His video essay about concept albums mentioned Nonagon Infinity, and when he mentioned Mr. Beat being in such an odd time signature, I couldn’t do anything but check it out for myself.

The first song was Yours, the day B3K came out. The first entire album I listened to from them was KG though

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People Vultures in the summer of 2017. Then Gamma knife into people vultures per a youtube playlist. After hearing the songs feed into each other, I knew i had to listen to the entire album.

Cyboogie, although while I liked the song, I never listened to them really. Butterfly 3000 got me interested in the band. PDA fully unlocked the band for me. I’m a more recent fan, but I’m now loving the albums I missed out on years ago.

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I have no idea! First I know of for sure was Hot Wax on the radio, probably Footy Footy sometime before that, but I still had to re-discover those retroactively. I think the first time I connected the band name to a song I liked was with Hot Water.
Nonagon Infinity was a big breakthrough in Australia, and the breakdown in Gamma Knife got my attention more than they ever had before, but I still never sought out the song or went further than that. Then YouTube recommended me the Rattlesnake video the day it dropped - and the door truly opened for a hyper-fixation to begin.


I had been seeing their name pop up more frequently and decided to hit play on the most recent album at the time. I liked it (especially Tezeta), but I jumped into MOTU right after Sketches and couldn’t really get with that one on first listen. Had I picked any other release as my 2nd listen, I probably would have gone deep right then and there, but 10-ish albums seemed like a lot to sift through at the time (lol). The buzz around the Poly release pulled me back around to take the time to fully dig in.

I was visiting a friend in Norway and we went on a road trip back in the summer of 2015. When in Oslo we went to a record store and my friend found I’m in Your Mind Fuzz and asked if I had listened to KGLW yet, and I said no… So that was my first record, rest is history!

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I heard about them on another reddit at some point a couple years ago. Common consensus was start with Nongon. Worked perfect for me.