What live Gizz are ya listening to?

Literally one of my fav KGLW shows of all time. They have since improved each song by a wide margin but I’ll never forget my first listen and being blown away by the reintroduction of the Nonagon Medley and one of the rawest Slow Jam 2s ever.

Gonna start my work day today by blasting 4-24-22. Need some live Gizz energy.


So now that the dust has settled. '22 or '23?

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Now that we’ve gotten a chance to listen to all the releases from both years and mostly let them set in, what’s your pick?

While '22 was my first set of Gizzard shows, I was able to catch 10 shows last year in '23 and they are some of my favorite memories of all time. From camping at the Caverns, to so much rain in Chicago, and even more in Seattle, those shows and experiences are permanently cemented in my memories as an incredible few weeks. So I will forever be biased haha. But still, I think the vibes of the Residency Tour led to show more organic and killer shows. And we had Ice Death for a whole year which has led go some crazy developments after tour ended in '22. The 3 Red Rocks marathon shows in '22 are just absolutely incredible but they just seem to leep topping themselves year after year.

And PALP '23 has my vote for best Gizzard show ever recorded, so Europe '23 cant really be discounted either.

What were your favorite shows and moments of the years thay make them the cream of the crop?


The correct answer is yes.

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I’ve listened to less of '22 overall than '23, but I think the main difference is that they were still really testing the waters of the jamming thing is '22 which led to more special and spontaneous moments. '23 was solid and consistent throughout, but it also seemed more like they knew what they were doing. Agreed on PALP though.

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Absolutely sick show that I haven’t listened to in months. This March Europe tour '23 is full of fond memories for me. The KGLW.net crew hung in Discord, tuned into Streamus, and updated the site live.

EDIT: Man, I really forgot how good this is. Persistence->Hypertension->Iron Lung is unreal.

Been rocking Remlinger N1 lately. So dope

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The Remlinger Farm 2023 performances, all three nights:

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I listened to Bimbo’s April 28, 2022 driving around the past day or so. Also listened to Feb. 25, 2023 from Naarm, Australia. Great jamming in these shows!

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This is by far my favorite setlist of theirs in 2023. They also seem to incorporate some heavy synth/bass in the Robot Stop intro that sounds badass!



I like this if only for the style. It plays from the inside of the record out and the clear is super cool. I’ve cooled on their microtonal stuff a bit but I much prefer having this to the LW studio album.

Trying to catch up on all the South American shows. Honestly, the biggest thing I’ve taken from those videos/recordings is that South American crowds are indeed crazy haha. I can’t help but smiling at how much fun they’re having and the sing alongs on the recordings.

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Les Docks, March 17, 2023 for me today. What a killer show! Absolutely sick all the way through from the opening Head On/Pill->Sea of Trees->Head On/Pill->Sea of Trees to the Slow Jam 1, Gaia haymaker.


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Red Rocks '22 (but when am I not listening to this one tbh) and 2019-10-16 from Switzerland (Beginner’s luck from this show was part of the Chunky Shrapnel extras).

Just listening to the 05-03-2022 Return of the Curse of Timeland show all the way through for the first time.

Its really a special one. Not least as the proper triumphant return to live shows after lockdowns, but it has the debuts of Magenta Mountain, The Garden Goblin, and The Dripping Tap, even just the 16 minute Sea Of Trees → Trapdoor is incredible by itself.

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So good!