What live Gizz are ya listening to?

I listen to a lot more live Gizz than I do studio albums these days. Mostly, I put on shows from 2019 and onwards, but while helping review setlists for our website I’ve been playing earlier stuff. Today, I’m listening to Sept. 13, 2015 from Johnny Brenda’s in Philly. I was in that venue for the first time having drinks and dinner before Bob Dylan at the nearby Fillmore last month, so I really wanted to hear a King Gizz show played there.

Pretty solid recording and setlist. A lot of the show has that energy that comes from the freshness of new material. Those Nonagon songs wouldn’t even be released until six months later on April 29, 2016. Quarters! had only been out for a few months, too.

Worth a listen, for sure…but aren’t they all? That’s the point of this thread. Tell us about your live Gizz obsession.

I’ve been obsessed with whatever early stuff is out there. Starting with Live at Levitation '14, and then all the weird one off things like the first known recording:

Gotta plug the palp fest in this. So so so so so good. Dream setlist material here and a gorgous venue taboot!


The August '23 festival sets are pretty much all fire. PALP is probably the top one, but Route du Rock & Pukkelpop both have a lot going for them too. I’ve had all three in heavy rotation lately.

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Had the Lava from 3/7/2023 on today. That Superposition tease is rad.

Live at Levitation '14 for me today thanks to @W.B.T.G.Slinger mentioning it.

I love that they released this show seeing that it’s their first on US soil.

Very special for that reason. I’ve only recently realised how long before I’m In Your Mind Fuzz that show actually was, but the setlist is basically only songs from it, plus we have evidence of the rest of the songs being played live even before that.
That album is easily still the most well practised on stage before they recorded it. Everything since has only been a song here or there to tease, almost everything only enters proper setlist rotation once it’s released.

Attendence bias


The summer residency compilation YouTube is fire

This one is a real gem for an earlier recording:
Live at Baby’s All Right, Brooklyn June 24 2015
Taped from the audience in good quality, surprise midnight show, venue is significant to the band, couple of really early Nonagon Infinity previews including the second ever time playing Wah Wah, audience requests, and a classic Am I In Heaven? closer.

Whoa…I am definitely not familiar enough with this show: 2022-10-02 William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre Berkeley, CA, USA King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - KGLW.net

Just look at this sequence of songs: Ice V (debut), Black Tooth (with history about the song beforehand), then they follow that with Shanghai and Venusian 2. The spread of this band!

I filled in alot of the 2015 setlists of fully recorded shows on the site. Most are pretty similar in composition but I would make sure to listen to at least one.

Massive AIAH? on this one and Nonagon Infinity songs that featured working or different lyrics (theres a bounty to anyone who can transcribe them).

still waiting for a bootleg or even an aud of my only show…

I’d prefer to remember the anniversary of this show today: 2023-01-06 TSB Stadium New Plymouth, Aotearoa (New Zealand) King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - KGLW.net


This one for me today to accompany some creative work. I decided to go right to This Thing and listen from there and then wrap back around to the beginning. This early 2023 Europe tour is really some of my very favorite live Gizz.

The jam out of Cellophane here caught my ear (Barcelona/Sala Apolo June 05, 2022). This show seems interesting to me, would love to hear the whole thing someday. Only a few songs up on YT from it currently.

Shout out to these fan-made live compilations:

The River runs deep in this one!!


It took me until this morning to get to Her & I from that April 24, 2022 show. Well worth the wait, especially for those who haven’t heard it. They play a huge chunk of Iron Lung inside Her & I as well as The River and Ice V teases. It’s the second 20-minute song in this show. What a jammer!