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at the cinema waiting for Asteroid City to start rn. wbu?


I absolutely LOVED asteroid city!! Enjoy

wasn’t mad about it honestly. fantastic mr. fox, royal tenenbaums and grand budapest remain his best imo.

We’ve been watching The Wire for the first time. Everyone who said it’s one of the greats was not lying. Also finally got around to The Last of Us, which is also fucking dope. Next up will most likely be I’m a Virgo. Loved Sorry to Bother You so looking forward to this very much.

Boots Riley’s anti-capitalist Oakland joyride ‘I’m a Virgo’ is the most popular show on Prime Video


Oh yeah, and Across the Spiderverse was spectacular.

Recently finished Ted Lasso so now it’s on to the new season of The Bear.


Headed to see Asteroid City later today.

New season of The Bear did not disappoint. We might have liked it better than season 1.

Anyone watch the American Gladiators doc series on Netflix?

I feel like there’s something wrong with me, but I just don’t get Wes Anderson. I mean, like, tons of people whose opinions I respect love the dude, but every time I’ve tried I come away feeling unsatisfied. It’s like being the dude who can’t see the sailboat, lol.
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he’s really hit or miss, I’ll give you that. If you haven’t seen it, Royal Tenenbaums is a good example of him getting it right.

Sadly for every good film he makes, there’s another that’s just tedious and shallow.


will definitely be checking out the new boots riley joint. sorry to bother you was amazing.

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Don’t think I have seen that one, will check it out. Thanks!

I haven’t seen all of his earliest films, but I found Moonrise Kingdom to be the only one like this where the style isn’t equal to the substance. He’s only getting better to me, so looking forward to Asteroid City.

Watched this last night, loved it. Also just found out that I went to high school with him, he was a senior when I was a freshman.

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can’t recommend In The Bedroom enough btw - it’s the first movie by Todd Field, the same guy who made Tár, and even early on he was just insanely good; it has the same mastery of psyche-burrowing storytelling that Tár did, and is maybe even better at building an almost nauseating level of tension. It’s a real shame Field hasn’t made more stuff, because every time he has, it’s really stuck with me.

recent watches

Oppenheimer worth seeing?

I really liked it, and Christopher Nolan is very hit or miss for me, so I’d really recommend it if you enjoy his work. There’s one sequence especially (the trinity test) that was genuinely astounding. The only thing I’ll say is that it’s a lot to take in overall: it’s three hours long, the plot juggles a lot and it puts a lot of faith in the audience to keep track of it all. I’ve also seen some people say it loses steam in the last third, and I don’t entirely disagree although I don’t think it kills the film either.

Another thing I couldn’t help but think is that it falls short of The Wind Rises, another WWII film that covers somewhat similar themes, but that was maybe my favorite film of the 2010s, so it’s a bit of an unfair comparison.


Nice! I dig Nolan, can’t say I’ve seen everything he’s done but I love Inception so it sounds like this won’t be too difficult to digest.

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it’s not difficult to digest in the way Inception is - it’s moreso because a) it has a bit of a weird structure that jumps around the timeline a lot and b) has a lot of characters to keep track of, some of whom are turn out to be way more important than they initially appear.

that said, I didn’t mind that so much, because unlike in, say Tenet, it felt like an appropriate stylistic choice instead of Nolan smugly making things convoluted just because he’s 2deep4u; I don’t mind a movie being hard to follow if there’s a good reason for it, and it felt justified here.

also if you want to know the ins and outs of how the bomb was developed, there’s very little of that, it’s much more about Oppenheimer as a person, his relationships and his politics and even then it’s treatment of those things is somewhat elliptical, likely because he was such an enigmatic guy.

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