This just dropped...its so dope!

this is a new thread for brand new music…stuff that just dropped. Share your favorite artists’ newest releases here.

I figured that Sufjan is a good way to kick it off…he doesn’t release new music all that often. This one came out today along with upcoming album announcement:


Good idea, I love listening to music the day it comes out and try to do so as often as I can.
Here’s a couple from the last few weeks:

I have to say its been a long time since I got into a new Sufjan release but I do like this. Still got it with the sublime balance between timbre and style.

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My favorite non-gizz album of the year came out in early June. Might be a bit past the “just dropped” date at this point, but dammit I need to share it with you guys somewhere :smiley:

it’s just so good! Swing (In A Dream) is probably my favorite song off the album but it’s good front to back. I’m a sucker for the post punk stuff.

I’ll check that out next today!

Someone may of added this in another thread, can’t recall, but it dropped in the last couple of weeks:

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3 songs in and loving it. Thanks for the recommendation!

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Squid avoids the “sophmore slump” for sure here: when i find myself listening to this album, it gets played almost entirely back to back


If you’re liking this, you’ve got to hear their debut Bright Green Field.
That had a good KEXP sesh too:

But yeah, back to new music, that Osees album is out on Friday and I’m very keen.

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I’m sure many of us are aware that Osees and Leah Senior have really good albums out today, so I wanted to also recommend Genesis Owusu with his second album also out now:

Easily one of the most exciting, fresh talents coming up out of Australia at the moment.

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Not that this album isn’t good - it certainly is based on my first listens - but something about it feels like it isn’t quite as good as Smiling With No Teeth. Maybe he set the bar too high? Maybe I’m yet to crack what makes this one so special? Only time will tell.

I’ve really been looking forward to Genesis Owusu’s new album after getting hooked on Get Inspired and really a whole lot of Smiling With No Teeth. Leaving the Light video I’ve watched a bunch, too. But this album didn’t grab me when I put it on for the first time this morning. I’ll have to give it another try.

Osees new album I’ve already listened to twice today. Really loving that one from (just about) front-to-back. Those last two tracks aren’t ones I’m going to return to much, but I’m into the rest of it. I’m still very new to this band, and this album makes me want to keep exploring their discography. I have to see them live, too.

Get out and see Oh Sees live on this next tour. That’s the quintessential John Dwyer experience for me. And they still play relatively small venues (800 people here in the Midwest) so you can get up close. The studio albums are great but feel so muted compared to the raw live experience.

Should be seeing them live here in September. I forgot to buy tickets but I’ll br able to scrounge something up lol.

I wouldnt say I’m an Oh Sees expert but i definetely started here with them

KEXP always comes through in a big way. Any of their live stuff there is great.

Still havent had a chance to give the new Oh Sees album a listen with my good cans but liked the snippets so far.

I dunno what it is about the last one on the Osees album but I might have listened to it a few times in a row :smiley: cant tell you why

Great performance! Just watched the whole thing. I hadn’t seen that one before. Yeah, I really do need to see them soon. They’re playing in Philly coming up. That’s a two-hour drive but seems it’d be worth the gas.

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@AlteredBeef I’m really enjoying STRUGGLER so far, but I think I get what you guys mean about it lacking a certain energy from the debut.
Get Inspired may be my favourite song of his, and I was a little confused to find out it isn’t on this album, but I think it has made way for a more cohesive and well executed concept. That’s where all the cockroach imagery comes in, and the course of life being defined by struggle is something I’m feeling on the deepest level recently. So even without the punchier New Wave Hip-Hop energy this is hitting just right.
Maybe a little bit of sophomore syndrome I suppose, but I still find it very inspiring that he has pushed through that to deliver a rock solid follow-up so soon after his first, the theme of it is very telling of that haha.

But yeah, loving Intercepted Message too.

Have you seen Genesis Owusu’s KEXP performance? All stripped down. This is pretty amazing.

I had no idea he did that, nice.

Lots of drops on my radar recently:

Caught Ashnikko in Japan earlier this year, good to see the album finally out after a delay:

I find this crazy nostalgic even though its new, because these guys have somehow managed to not change at all in 20 years:

More goodness out today: