The Silver Cord

Both versions of the Silver Cord are up on Bandcamp…

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Deserving of a new thread?

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Ohhhhhhhh fuck yes!!! I was really hoping we’d get hold of it today!

Woo! Finished my first listen through the standard tracks. On to the extended.

I think Chang’e was my favorite of the tracks we hadn’t heard yet.

Gilgamesh is crazy good…

Currently saving the extended versions for when im home with good speakers. Really excited to dig into those tracks!

So psyched to get into the extended mixes, but thought I’d point out that the release ties in with Stu’s birthday! Extra cause for celebration. :partying_face:

They truly are the Kings. Just an epic album.


yea my fav track has to be gilgamesh. so dank.

I’m waiting for the lp to get here for those extended versions… my god i can’t wait to see this shiz live. This might just be my fav record so far :smiley:

I’m taking a 3-hour drive tomorrow. Perfect time to really absorb the extended versions. Cannot wait! The Short Cord, I’ll listen to a bunch today.

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First impression, cannot wait to witness these live!! What a fun album. Can see the crowd bouncing already:):fire:

There’s definitely a sick witchcraft tease (?) In chang’e

Listening to the short version now, saving the long version for vinyl… stoked to hear how these might extend live!

Getting stuck into the extended version now and enjoying it more, you can really hear more of how it was composed by jamming. Short version was still fun though.

TSC vs TSC extended

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Favorite track for me after a few listens is swan song extended… Stu’s Petrodragonic rap style is just sick. All the vocals are great and it sounds like some 90s house banger which I totally did not seem coming!

Despite all the curveballs this song (not to mention this album) throws, it sounds so unmistakeably Gizz. I love it.

I don’t think I can say I have a favourite yet, still might be Set. I do really like how the some of the extended mixes go deep enough that they start sounding like they could be different songs. The live possibilities are endless :exploding_head:
The full 88 minutes flew right by.

Same here. I’m not sure whether Set is the best song on the album, but I think it’s my favourite. I was humming snippets to myself all night.

Set lovers should check the front page of