The free/libre software thread

Hey there party people!

We had some discussions about FOSS in Some Context (Forum Outreach - #3 by devrtz) and since extended discussions are probably not appropriate, I thought I’d start a new thread!

So I’m a Debian Maintainer and I run it every where from my server, desktop, laptop to the couple of Librem 5 and PinePhones that I and @madmojo have lying around at home.

I work for Purism on their phone and the operating system bits etc and I was curious if there are any other free software loving hippies around here.

If there’s some more interest I can also share some talks that I and friends of mine have given throughout the last couple of years.

Finally, I’m currently at some super expensive hotel in Kochi, India for DebConf 23 and will be giving two talks the next week.

I usually put quite a bit of KGLW references into my slides, so you might find that enjoyable (all talks will be recorded and I will be sure to post about it on the fediverse - and maybe pin them also into this post).

Anyway: I would love to hear from you all.

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Oh man this is bad ass I’d love to check out your talks! Thanks for sharing. Definitely will be checking them out when I have time. I’m a platform engineer so spend a lot of time in Debian based systems!

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I’ll be having a short talk today.
This will not be a talk where you are supposed to learn about #MobileLinux
rather some anecdotes around some experiences/failures of running #Librem5 and #PinePhone for ~3y.

I’m currently preparing some slides, and I will be sprinkling all sorts of references in there!

Need to continue working now, but have a look at this later!

I had a fucking blast :smiley:

It’s an odd life

I love FOSS! I used to work on some open source stuff at a previous company and now I do so when I can on the side.

One of my favorite open source projects is home assistant which I run on a raspberry pi in my office for home automation. I’ve also contributed to some fun open source projects for fantasy football.

I’ve been working on a Gizz related project that I’m planning to open source once I’ve gotten it to a stable place :eyes:

Was the talk recorded as well? I can see the blurb about it but would love to listen if it was recorded!

Yeah, it may take a couple of days or so.
I’ll be sure to post the link.

Also I will have another talk on … saturday? sunday?
How would I know? :slight_smile:

This Gizz related project that you speak off:
Got a link handy to a repository (yet)?

And if not: which language are you using on that and can I assume that it’s under some form of GPL?

Not quite yet but I will share it when it’s ready :smiley:

1 Like loves open-source! The first versions of the website were all powered by open-source stuff, and the KGLW Forum here is powered by Discourse.

We have an org on GitHub where some things are shared, such as:



I will share the links to recording once I’m back home!
DebConf was pretty intense!

Ok so I ended up doing 4 talks (2 were originally planned)

Edit: Of course I make references to KGLW all the time :wink:

The year of Linux on Desktop^WMobile is now available.

There are some technical hickups at the beginning and I would’ve assumed that they would’ve gotten cut out, but I don’t particularly care.

There’s a couple of KGLW references thrown in there and of course I’m representing with a beautiful band shirt :wink:

Edit: The phone’s battery did last (after the talk it was at ~12% iirc)
but I forgot to disable automatic suspend and it appears that the camera application does not inhibit suspend (unless it’s recording).

Yeah I love FOSS!
When I discovered NewPipe and FreeTube as alternatives to YT there was no turning back

on mobile i’m very much locked into the iOS ecosystem, mostly out of habit (10+ years of nothing of iPhones at this point) but with how bad the ads on YT have gotten, among other things, I’m seriously starting to consider jailbreaking and/or android.

also, I really need to get a new phone. i’m so sick of lighting, and my iphone 12 mini’s battery has gotten so bad within just 2 years.