KGLW Forum feature: `[setlist]` code

Custom feature for the KGLW Forum!

The [setlist] tag!

Use it like this:


Put in the numbers for Year-Month-Date (don’t forget leading 0s) and then in your post, you’ll get a popup that shows the setlist!

When the post first loads, the setlist date will be outlined in lime green; click/tap it to load the data, then it’ll turn purple and when you hover/tap it’ll show the setlist (until you change the page).

  • here’s one long set — 2023-06-21
  • here’s what it looks like with two sets — 2022-10-02
  • whoa the last encore was almost 4 years ago?? 2019-07-28
  • what about multiple shows on the same day…
    • 2023-06-08 default to first
    • 2023-06-08#1 explicitly first
    • 2023-06-08#2 explicitly second
  • valid date but no show on that date… will only look wrong once you click to load the data; 2023-07-12
  • invalid input foo 10-20-30 2023–12 2022-22-22#22

Code is open source! the Repo is on GitHub, if you find a bug feel free to write up a (helpful and nice) bug report.

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Looks great!
Pretty sweet that it even works in the reply preview.


Such a great addition, Axe! Thanks for giving our forum this gift!

Time to go listen to 2022-04-26!

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Best fucking live Hells Itch ever!

damn I really shouldve gotten my ass up to that show