Spring 2024 EU/UK Tour + Marathon Shows


headlining Wide Awake festival

Damn beat me to it

Here’s the link:

Finally :sunglasses:

Hoping for more EU marathon dates. :crossed_fingers:


In case anyone doesn’t know already…


gonna hold out for one closer, but if they do one in the UK I’ll fly out to catch it.

I may have to make another trip to Europe next year. I’d love an Scandinavian > Eastern Europe > Germany run. Whoze wit me?

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Would love some Eastern European dates

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I will definitely be going to Hamburg, hell yeah!

In fact there will be a Debian :fish_cake: “MiniDebConf” from 14th to 21th,
so this will be absolutely perfect!

super excited!

T- 35 min until the pre-sale opens!

Edit: Omfg, I’m 2 minutes late and I’m in a queue for the pre-sale :frowning:

are there any presale for Hamburg?

You have a PM.

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They should play Europe more…

From Gizzverse to Live Gizz

more dates and venues up every hour…tour mail should be coming in today

Spring 2024 Europe dates here:

Prague and Vienna are two of my very favorite cities on earth. Should I just buy tickets and sort out the rest later? That’d put some real strain on me…but it’d surely be worth it. The big problem is they’ve given us less than 24 hours to sort it out before tix go on sale.


You’re in the wrong place if you wanted to get talked out of it, lol.

Prag-Wien is easy 6hour travel Berlin after Wien sucks, 10+hours and overnight after the show mmmh will miss out on most or all part of the cities. Berlin-Hamburg easy:-) with day off in between

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