Show off and discuss your attended shows stats!

Unfortunately don’t get the chance to see them in our home country as much as I’d like, so here are my modest stats.

Having The River, Mind Fuzz Suite, and The Fourth Colour at the top of my most common not seen stings a little as they are among the overall most common, and all favourite moments from the discography.
I’m curious who out there that has only attended lots of shows in the post-pandemic jam era with the most brutal not seen stat.

Otherwise, I am particularly thankful to have seen relative rarities: Acarine, All Is Known, Cyboogie, Beginner’s Luck, This Thing, Tezeta, and an amazing Lonely Steel Sheet Flyer as closer for Gizzfest '17.

So whose got most shows? Most countries? Earliest performance?
Let’s see it :metal:


Definitely not the most shows by a long shot, but seeing all 6 red rocks shows, has given me a major leg up on their live discography.

Notable stats include:

  • 106 unique songs!
  • Motor Spirit, Hate Dancin, & PDA debuts!
  • So far, only ever seen 22 songs repeated. (and they were all BANGERS too!)
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday for seeing shows!!! :imp: (play the weekend dammit!)
  • Also have caught Tezeta, no lonely steel sheet flyer tho :slightly_frowning_face:

Really excited to see more shows! Where do yall think they’ll play in CO next? More Red Rocks?


Here are my stats!

9 shows, 99 unique songs. Pretty happy with my debuts and some of the more rare songs (Tezeta, Sea of Trees, LSSF, Down the Sink). Not to mention the ELTS intro to the Hollywood bowl set.

I am far from the upper tier of times/songs seen but I am pretty psyched about my stats nonetheless.

Hoping they make their triumphant return to Austin in ‘24 so I can pump these numbers up even more.


You guys have both seen some great debuts. Would have loved to see Astroturf, from my first listen of Changes I knew that would be the best live track.
It will be interesting to spot trends in stats split pre and post pandemic/jam era.


I’m only up to three shows (Philly '22, and Chicago 1 & 2 from this year), but I’m glad that the two repeats I’ve seen are Ice V and Evil Death Roll. Those two pretty well represent me as a fan of this band.

Ice V has that funky, jammy, danceability that I love from my old favorite band; the one that served as my segue to the Gizzverse, Phish. That band can get heavy, but nothing like Gizz heavy. But does Gizz get as funky as Phish? I’m not sure I’d go that far, but they sure get close in songs like Ice V that get me dancing just as hard as I do at any Phish show.

Evil Death Roll represents a shift in my tastes and mindset, and is my real entry into the Gizzverse. I remember so distinctly being absolutely floored by the Evil Death Roll closer in Philly, but feeling a bit out of place during the Organ Farmer earlier in the set. I’d never been to metal show before. So, Ice, Death was the album I listened to most for a couple of months until I realized that I’m really maybe more of a Nonagon guy, and an ITRN guy, and now PDA! Tapping into this new part of myself made the EDR on N1 Chicago and the Invisible Face on N2 even more astonishing to me, not to mention absolutely raging to Supercell>Self-Immolate.



Just a few shows after my first two. I bet they burned right through all that MOTU and Nonagon Infinity.
That combo of The River and God Is In The Rhythm as closing songs is cool. It was their first time playing God Is In The Rhythm since its debut three years earlier, and they closed the next 7 shows with that combo. Do you remember what the transition was like between them? That would have made a sweet jam by the end of that run.


I’m pretty convinced they actually didn’t play God is in the Rhythm in Athens that year based on them leaving the stage at the end of the footage of The River. After tracking down a bunch of articles about the show too it seems like The River was the closer.

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Ooh, well hopefully @phreakbrain can lend some insight.

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I don’t disbelieve that it was played in Dublin, I am just mildly skeptical of any setlists from that time period without a full recording since they’re all VERY similar.


I’ve only seen the band twice, Central Park 2019 and Forest Hills 2022. I actually seen any repeats, because both are NY shows and Stu makes sure there are no repeats. The only “rarity” I’ve gotten is Cyboogie, but I did catch my favorite song, Sleep Drifter, at Forest Hills.


I could be wrong, seeing as it was over five years ago now, but I do remember them playing something after The River.


Replying to check out the forum for the first time.
17 shows, 118 unique songs.
Most seen song is Gamma Knife, 11 times. They played it at my first 8 shows but only 3 of 9 since. Starting to miss it.
My first 2 shows had identical setlists (but that’s true for nearly all shows on the spring 2016 US tour).
At my most recent show (Hollywood Bowl) I saw 10 songs for the first time, which was awesome.


Ooh nice. Really goes to show the increased diversity in setlists they have now. That’s real cred seeing then that many times before the jam era!

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Not sure I’ve seen them enough to consider it showing off, lol. I do have a few cool things in my All Songs list though.

Does that link take everyone to my stats or to their own stats?

It went to your stats page.

04/24/22 10/02/22 06/21/23

I’ve seen 7 shows and have yet to see The River. That’s on me for not going to Red Rocks N1 in 2022 :frowning:

my most common unseen are kinda surprising. however only done 4 shows so…plenty of time to catch these

Robot Stop
Gamma Knife
I’m In Your Mind
Sleep Drifter
I’m Not In Your Mind
Crumbling Castle
I’m In Your Mind Fuzz
Digital Black