Phish Festival 2024: MONDEGREEN

Not sure how many phans are on here, but anyone else going to this?

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Finally, a Phish-related thread on this forum. It took longer than I thought it would. See you there, @phreakbrain!

Dover is 2.5 hours from me…but Gizz is playing at Forest Hills on the same weekend. I hope Gizz releases more dates soon.


Meh. My Phish festival window has basically closed. Any concert travel I do is gonna be for Gizz, can’t swing both. At this point the only way I’ll get to a Phish fest is if it’s in California.



Wow and Im hearing avout this here of all places. Likely done with Phish tours and festivals, Gizz is more my thing now. Unless they are hitting Florida.



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argh… will be on the other side of the globe…

This is correct, at least for US domestic flights. International not 100%… Google Flights lets you set a price alert so you can track the price, that can be useful (but annoying).

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id go if it was 2019

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I’d go if it was 2009

i would probably go if it was in Indio again


Festival 8 was dope…at least what i remember of it.

2019 Phish is way better than 2009.


If it was any time prior to October 2, 2022 I’d be freaking out and making plans to go. I’m kinda bummed that I’m not feeling that way now but it is what it is I guess.

Honestly, the festival might be my only phish shows I hit next year. It’s going to be legendary. It’s one of those things where I just know I am going to be there with all my friends.
During the residency tour last year, I was kind of feeling regretful that I did phish tour instead of gizz tour. I still had a great time on phish tour. I’m really thinking about just focusing on gizz tour next year and going to more gizz shows. If I could potentially hit a couple shows in the south as well as the gorge that would be sick.
Phish is great ! I’ve been to like 34 phish shows in the past 3 years plus I still have more to go to this year lol. I’ve met tons of great friends there. I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way as well.
I would love to see what gizz tour can show me ! I feel like there is a lot more opportunity for me there. Gizz tour would help me feel more passionate and help me in my work on the site. I want to see the weirdo swarm grow as well as get to know some more of our community. It’s insane because I was into Gizzard before I ever knew phish even existed.

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I’ve been seeing Phish since '95, I’ve made tons of great friends and had tons of great experiences there. I still love their music but the behaviors of a good portion of the fanbase are becoming intolerable to me. I just don’t get the “we’re all in this together and we love to take a bath” vibe at their shows lately. Everyone just saves space for their crew (in line and in the show) and is super territorial about it. The Berkeley run this year really brought all that into focus for me. The line to get in was literally a mile long, seemed like every one person in line in front of me had 10 more join them right at doors, and it was nearly impossible to get a decent spot because everyone was just tarping for their crew instead of surrendering to the flow. Don’t get me wrong, I still had a blast once I found a spot, but I go to shows to get away from aggressive/egotistical behaviors; I don’t enjoy dealing with that stuff at all. I’ve been putting up with it for years because there was no better option, but there is now.

The Berkeley Gizz show last October was another type of revelation for me. Seeing not a single tarp/blanket on the ground, having random strangers hand me stickers, making friends with the people next to me instead of getting chased away…even though the music is (mostly) completely different the overall vibe was totally in line with my memories of Dead shows, and that’s what I really want. To be part of a community, to feel at home regardless of who I’m next to at a show because when you’re there you’re family.

So yeah, Phish is great musically. I’ll still hit Phish shows when I can and I still wish I could hit a Phish fest (that actually happens) at least once in my life, but as far as overall experience there’s no topping a Gizz show for me so when I have to choose they’ll win out every time.


There’s gonna be assholes everywhere but yeah I generally agree with you. We had a bunch of people cut us at Red Rocks '22 by “swelling the group” and then in line some dudes (wearing Phish shirts) were talking to the people in front and back of them buying up all the extra posters they could. The vibe at Gizzard shows has been slightly more friendly and chiller IMO. Just anecdotally, I’ve seen alot more out of control people at Phish shows too and it can definetely ruin the vibe… Not to say Gizzard doesnt have it’s share of that though lol. I’ve met plenty of excellent, caring people at Phish shows but again, genrally agree with your assesment. If the blight that is tarping comes to Gizzard, I don’t really know what I’m going to do because I’m such a passive person lol

I think I’m out on the fest, unless my long time group of friends decide to have a reunion there.
Plus I’m on the west coast so it would be a massive undertaking. Not entirely out though….

But just like listening wind said, I’ve been seeing phish since the ‘90’s as well. The thrill is still there but after 26 years the fanaticism wears off.

I had a dead head friend who told me a very long time ago that he wished he hopped off the Grateful Dead tour in the early nineties and switched over to phish tour. It was only after Jerry passed that he was finally able to move on. After an epic ‘22 with Gizz, now it’s my time to do the same.

I’ll always love phish and if you haven’t seen them yet I strongly suggest you do.

I will still see them when I can but all my efforts are going to be for King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard from now on✌🏻

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