PALP Festival - Switzerland 8/14/23

Float Along – Fill Your Lungs, Lonely Steel Sheet Flyer, The River, Trapdoor, Sleep Drifter, Honey, Nuclear Fusion, Straws In The Wind, Crumbling Castle > The Fourth Colour, Perihelion, Gila Monster > Gaia, Magma

I would of gizzed myself 3 songs in

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This fest looks so dope. Intimate outdoor shows in natural settings. For example:


Wow, very good setlist. I hope we can get a recording.

Oh damn I know king buffalo now :crazy_face: :metal:

Banger setlist. My favorite was either crumblin Chole or Straws in de penis. Although I must say that Nuclear 'stusion was good too. x)

interesting clip…Dragon and then Lonely Steel Sheet Flyer

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Well its good to have something from the show, sounds very special indeed.
How did you know that was Lonely Steel Sheet Flyer? Sounds like pure jamming to me, at least out of context like that.

that’s what they said in discord. I wasn’t sure either.

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Top 5 show? This might be my favorite pro shot video and I’m only 2 songs in.


Wow the shot of the location is amazing. PALP because it’s right there in the Alps. Now I get it. Makes the first song choice especially fitting.

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I love how much fun they are having! This is great

Just finished it. Amazing! Do we have a top ten list of live gizz videos?

This would’ve been the perfect place to bust out Greenhouse Heat Death, lol.