Other music to scratch the King Gizzard itch

Consider the Source awakened me to heavier music with middle eastern influence about five years ago. Today, I was listening to their album World War Trio Part 1 and realized how much they had primed me for Gizz. They describe themselves as Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Fusion.

Their newer stuff is great but this is what got me thinking about the King Gizz connection.

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Earth Tongue:

Some very solid and very fuzzy heavy psych from New Zealand. These guys have been opening for QOTSA recently.

New Parsnip is great:

These guys played Gizzfest and have opened for Gizz a bit. Fun, wonky, psych-pop four piece.

PUFF is a uni band from NSW who have just put out a good debut album:

Solid lo-fi garage psych/punk with plenty of Psychedelic Porn Crumpets/ORB/early Gizz vibes.

A buddy recently turned me on to this Swiss outfit called Fomies. Definitely got the Gizz vibe.

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Not sure if its just because I know Flight b741 is coming, but I’m really just discovering the Allman Brothers Band properly these last few weeks:

The consistency with the jamming is incredible.


Have you heard Eat a Peach yet? I may or may not have developed a personal, feral religion around “Mountain Jam.”


Haha yep that was the pick for today. I’m think I’m ready to join it, my partner even heard a snippet of Mountain Jam and wasn’t offended by the length.


I absolutely love seeing posts like this!!! Check out Brothers and Sisters it’s my favorite studio allman’s….

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