Other music to scratch the King Gizzard itch

Obligatory Oh Sees mention. I discovered them around the same time as Gizz. The Dream and I’m In Your Mind Fuzz converged in my mind, and both bands became parallel favorites.

The Gizzlike appeal for me is how much Osees transforms—more than just their trickster-god name changes. Psyche rock, hazy folk, krautprog, scumpunk, synthjams, and beyond: John Dwyer is sonically voracious and there really is something that can appeal to everyone.

I’ve seen them live four times, and the energy is incredible. A violent feast for pit-beasts like me. When they jam, Dwyer looks like he’s receiving the tunes from another dimension. Best moshpit experiences hands down.

Of course it depends on what you’re into, but if you want a nice compact assortment of their range, check out their Levitation Sessions. Otherwise I like to suggest anything from 2015-2018. I can safely say I love everything there, especially Orc and Mutilator Defeated At Last.

Dig in!


Separate from Osees, but on its heels: Damaged Bug, John Dwyer’s solo project. Heavy on the synths, somber lyrics, weirdo shit.

He recently told a story about building what he calls the “acid piano” while on LSD, which he used for a lot of his Bug stuff. A groovy dude and inspiration to us all.


lol “But it’s just piano strings stretched over this big bowed instrument that has pickups on it, and you can hammer those as well. Then of course just lots of electronic drums.” Source.

I think I listened to a Coach Whips album once, but apart from that never really gone further out than the main Oh Sees releases. Looking forward to this.

Speaking of Orc, Paranoise is easily one of my favourite instrumental songs ever made:

I wish it went for an hour and had that breakout of guitar right in the middle, just does something unique to my brain.


Paranoise for the freak out, Holy smoke for the come down

These guys are great, too l’Eclair:


Wah Wah Wah:

The Lazy Eyes:

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If you like them, have you heard Hidria Spacefolk?

Sweet, I quite enjoyed Kybalion so I’m keen for this. There must be endless amounts of this really loose cosmic jamming out there. Not too original these days, but still fun in a never ending Pink Floyd Echoes kind of way.

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I dig it. Kind of a Khruangbin-y vibe.

Slift seems to be getting pretty well known around these circles but gotta give 'em some love. They rock. Would have caught their first SF show if it wasn’t on the same night as Gizz at the Greek.


Yeah SLIFT area a good one. I’m sure I hear nods to King Gizzard riffs in there sometimes.

This one pretty much speaks for itself:

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Some serious fire in this thread. I’d post a link but it seems I’m not allowed yet.

parquet courts!! One Man No City from KEXP is a great jam.

Yeah, this is the type of stuff we need to know about so please keep 'em coming!


So, I got off the ph train for good in 2011-2012 and around that time My Morning Jacket really took a step forward live. I saw a LOT of MMJ from 2012-2017…and then 2017’s KGLW album run happened and I…stopped paying so much attention to them because there became a reptilian austrailian band that took my ears’ precedence. There’s a LOT of overlap between these bands. Here’s a 17 minute Dondante from 2015

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Great thread!

I feel like I should have known about Can a long time ago, but they didn’t hit my radar until after I started digging into KGLW. Their studio albums are hit and miss for me, but the live series that was released over the last couple of years would probably resonate with KGLW fans. These shows are all improv, and the feel aligns really closely with Gizz jams.

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Ah nice, I’ve never listened to Can live.
Great pick for Gizz, this thread instinctively became focused on contemporaries but there are many classics out there that are just as relevant.


I actually prefer Stuttgart to Brighton but they’re both great


If we’re doing classics, then we gotta have Hawkwind. I noiticed this tune in the pre-show mix on night 3 of Chicago. Brought a big smile to my face.


Relistening to Cream’s debut for the first time in a while, and I’ve forgotten how Bluesy it gets with all the harmonica:

Came on after PDA on youtube music just now

fuegoooo :slight_smile: