Other music to scratch the King Gizzard itch

This one pretty much goes without saying but for the sake of completion Tame Impala and its related projects should be in here.
Anyone who reads this probably knows who Tame Impala is, if not they were a huge influence on King Gizz and you should watch this:

Tame Impala is usually cited as the solo project of Kevin Parker. He does do all the work for like 99% of their studio material, but strictly speaking there are other members. Jay Watson is one of them, and along with another Tame associate Nick Allbrook has this band Pond:

Jay also has a solo project called GUM, going full circle he collaborated with Ambrose:

So really Tame Impala is just the focus of this whole WA wormhole a bit like King Gizz. One of the lesser known projects is Mink Mussel Creek which are cool:

They even jam a bit, like with this short-lived band Space Lime Peacock: