New teases in old shows

We got a comment on social media that there was a Converge tease in the 2023.03.20 Belgium show’s I’m Not in Your Mind. I put it on to check it out and found the tease to actually be Witchcraft. I love finding out that we were hearing a part of a new song without realizing it at the time. Here’s the tease timestamped if you want to check it out: Witchcraft tease.

That same show has the often-repeated “Are there monkeys in Australia?” quote that showed up in Europe 2023. Could that be another song to come or are they just some silly improvised lines? Time will tell.

What other teases for new songs will we find or have we found in old shows? Iron Lung inside Her & I, for instance.

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Gotta review the March Europe Gaia’s for Motor Spirit teases/quotes. There’s definitely some of those.

Wow! That’s super cool and a great find. Cool that they already had part of Witchcraft over a year ago.

Ha, I’m actually wrong about that (although still cool). That show is in March of 2023, not 2022.

My mistake in the original post. Edited it.

Motor Spirit teases and/or quotes added on 2/25/23, 3/1/23, 3/6/23, 3/8/23, 3/22/23, 3/13/23 and 3/17/23! Also got some Witchcraft teases on 3/23/23. If anyone finds more please keep 'em coming!

There’s a heeeeavy Flamethrower jam inside the 2022 Red Rocks Her & I starting at about 8:00

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11/2/22 Her and I ha what sounds like a flamethrower jam!

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I’ve always loved the quotes from Hate Dancin’ in the intro of this 2021 Straws In The Wind performance

all the new quotes/teases i can think of are: animals in australia, time to party and torture chamber, But I swear they did a sexy alien tease on the europe tour this year but i cant find it so i must be imagining it. Also they teased honey in 2018 in Atlanta, and last year there were a bunch of teases for Iron Lung and Ice V as well as a few for Hypertension and Change.

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Don’t want to necro a thread but Flamethrower in Am I In Heaven? RR 22 night 3 - you can hear it at about 7:05 on the official release for about 20 seconds in the guitar :slight_smile:

Thats what its here for, nicely found! You mean the part after the breakdown at about 4:30 into Flamethrower? Pretty similar indeed.
I wonder how to decide if Flamethrower existed at this stage and this was intentional, or is it just not exact enough that it could be like the genesis of where the riff came from? I guess its pretty safe to say they are connected. What do you think @Listening_Wind ?

There’s been a little bit of discussion around this but never came to a conclusion on it. Personally I think it’s a stretch to call anything from PDA intentional at this point (Fall 2022), I would say the much more likely scenario is that they listened back to this jam and turned it into a song. So kind of a proto-jam type thing but not an intentional tease or jam of a song that was already being worked on. You can see something similar in the 10/11/22 Gaia, in the breakdown jam you can hear the beginnings of what would eventually become the Motor Spirit jams in that spot, but it’s not enough to call it a tease or jam of Motor Spirit at that point. Same here, IMO there’s not enough of Flamethrower to call this a tease or jam, but you can definitely see how this could be the beginning of the evolution of that song.

Might be something to put in the notable versions chart that’s in the works though…

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Just got an email in the inbox with a tease in Chicago '23 Ice V.

I’m listening to the Chicago shows from this summer for what feels like the umpteenth time and can’t believe I’m noticing this for the first time: at 8:30-42 and again at 9:30-5 in Ice V, someone teases James Brown’s “Ain’t it Funky Now” on guitar. It’s not listed in your teases.

Do others hear it?

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Yeah I totally hear it. Big thanks to whoever pointed it out!

Our dedicated setlist crew has been finding a bunch of deeply hidden teases lately! @AlteredBeef @phreakbrain is there anyway we can share our most recent findings as they are discovered?