Mis-heard Gizz lyrics: whatcha' got?

The one I can never shake is “Venusian Build-a-Bear” from Self-Immolate. I will always hear it.

My wife hears “Looking for me and Favreau” in Catching Smoke. :rofl:

Give me more!

I heard “people, vultures got approaches” for the longest time

Bye bye Shanghai I’ve become a butterfly for the weekend overnight

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Metallica cool boy dumb


It’s way off, but in The Land Before Timeland, I always hear “Satanic jelly roll” instead of “Satanic journeyman” :person_shrugging:

Nonagon Infinity mommas a whore
Nonagon Infinity mommas a whore
Nonagon Infinity mommas a whore


Supercell - Soup for Sale of course!

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Always heard “Ketamine Princess” as the first lyric of Ice V

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Or Soupy Sales. (A bit dated.)

Subterranean Czar → Subterranean Zaa :pizza:

I’m the gila, Card dealer, Face sitter

Black hot soup in the distance
It’s better… it’s better… it’s crazy
it’s better with the whale meat

Face of butter, blade of rubber
Stick it in the skin, see it’s a well of life.

Facebook captioning:

your mind slows, “eyes close, in crimson tubes,” the pressure grows

Its very close anyway, but I will never not hear ‘milk and honey form a body’, and picture a congealed mass of milk and honey.

@RattleRattleRattle You ruined me with that “Build-a-Bear” thing! Cannot stop hearing it!

Haha, I’m genuinely sorry.

Ketamine Princess with a Marvelous Chest

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you can’t you know me better!
than to bend my elbow, bend my elbow,
stab me in the booby!

I, I am the truth! I am YouTube!