Literature thread - What are you reading?

Just finishing Jack Kerouac - On The Road today after a lot of build-up (reading Hunter S. Thompson, Ken Kesey, Tom Woolf, listening to Dylan, the Dead etc.)
Took me a little to get into what its about, and really starting to get a lot out of it now towards the end.
At the start it was a bit indistinguishable from the vast influence and even stereotypes that it spawned, until I started to grasp exactly how old it is. It really is remarkable how much insight here that the beatnik/hippy movements after it drew from, the balance between destabilising traditional values and what persists.
I think its funny now to imagine all the people reading this in the 60s and being inspired to move West, as to me it really exposes how much of a fallacy that is.


Aw wow I’m glad to learn you’ve just read On The Road. That book changed my life at 15-years-old. I still keep my copy of the book in the driver-side door of my vehicle, right where it’s been ever since I owned a car.

My goal this year is to read as many books in the 33 and 1/3 series as I can (and to of course listen to each album as I go!)

So far, I’ve read Dusty Springfield - Dusty in Memphis and Pink Floyd - Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Started the Velvet Underground & Nico volume yesterday.


Beastie Boys/Paul’s Boutique is a good one.

Cool, I’ll move that one up on my list, right below Celine Dion.

Hey, it’s your reading time…

I’ve read a few of these, and they’re mostly solid; the one on J. Dilla’s Donuts is very good for example. One I have to recommend avoiding though is the entry on A Live One by Phish. I paid a stupid price to import it to Ireland when it came out, and I got a book that was just unbearable to get through, it was a bit like being in an incredibly long-winded, painful one-sided conversation with the most pretentious person you’ve ever met that just gets worse as it goes on. It’s only 160 pages, but it felt like 1600. It might straight up be the most headass book I’ve ever read, and I’ve read all the Dune prequels.

It’s a shame because the guy who wrote it (@waxbanks on is phenomenal in small doses, but when stretched out to a full-length… yeesh.

I’ve read a few of these too, (+1 on the Donuts rec), and I even wrote a rough draft of one that was rejected.
Case in point for why they are so inconsistent, though I believe they have tightened the criteria and turned a more solid direction in recent years so the newest ones should all be pretty good.

Couldn’t get through Fleetwood Mac - Tusk, I think Mick Fleetwood pulled out of a series of interviews he promised during the development of the book, so the author kind of filled the gaps with his own mental breakdown.

Bjork - Homogenic and Miles Davis - Bitches Brew, and Kanye - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy were great too. Once you get through a few I’d be down to do a swap if you’re interested?

@phreakbrain, that’s too bad about ALO. I like Wax’s reviews when I happen to read them.

@W.B.T.G.Slinger, I happen to have Homogenic lined-up next, along with Minutemen - Double Nickels on the Dime. I’m getting all my copies through state libraries (my university has an awesome lending program) so cant’ swap, unfortunately.

Yesterday I finished The Wild Tchoupitoulas. Really solid history of the NOLA Mardi Gras Indians’ tribes, rituals, and (naturally) music. (One of my favorite albums too.)

Just started Paul Drummond’s Eye Mind: The Saga of Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators, the Pioneers of Psychedelic Sound. Based on Julian Cope’s intro, I feel like I’m in for a wild ride.

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Whoa now that is a cool one. I really like Roky Erickson. One of my Pittsburgh buddies introduced me to his music about a decade ago. The Evil One by Roky Erickson and the Aliens is the album I listened to most, but also really got into All That May Do My Rhyme. The 13th Floor Elevators stuff is wild, too.

I just learned that Levitation fest is named after the song by the 13th Floor Elevators.

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One of the first things I learned is that early members of the Elevators (not Roky) had planned to leave TX for Australia and “import” bluegrass music there.

Still making my way thru White Noise. It’s great but I can only get through so much at once, so I say it might take me until the end of the month.

Also reading this atm. I remember reading about this book in history class years ago in the section about the culture of post-WW2 America. Definitely outdated but interesting given where trends it documented at a relatively early stage have ended up.

Trying to get through Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas, but this guy has a… distinctive writing style. Seems to relish in using three or more words to describe absolutely everything. I found one sentence that has the word “and” eleven times and Im not even 1/10 of the way in to the book…

Sometimes as I’m reading, my brain pranks me by hearing it monologued a la Monty Python mockumentary and then I’m giggling too much to keep reading…

Currently reading The Passenger by Cormac McCarthy. As with just about everything he does, it’s great. I just need a slightly longer train ride so that I get more time to read it.