Literature thread - What are you reading?

I liked both endings!

Currently reading The Fairy Tale by Stephen King, highly recommend if you like fantasy novels. Also reading Quietly Hostile by Samantha Irby. It’s a laugh out loud easy read.

Fairy Tale was pretty good! I also enjoyed Later, which was much shorter :slight_smile:


I am working my way through The Wheel of Time. I just finished book 11/14 the other night, so I have 3 left to go!

I haven’t read this one, adding to my actual list. Thanks!

Night Of Light by Philip Jose Farmer. This novel from 1966 had a shorter version in a magazine in 1957 and inspired Jimi Hendrix to write Purple Haze.

I’m finishing Foundation and Earth by Isaac Asimov. My second time thru the Foundation series. The last two books mention a planet called Gaia quite a bit and this last one in particular has a character quite often reminding another character “i am Gaia”. Wich is pretty cool :sunglasses:

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Just recently re-read Hyperion, first time I’ve re-read something in a long time, but I did it so I could move on to The Fall Of Hyperion which I am also really liking.

@Fishes_for_fishies Fairy Tale was a pretty cool change of setting I thought. Maybe The Dark Tower was too big to stay close to, but I always thought it was strange that he hasn’t written much more Fantasy since.

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I’m looking forward to doing these justice. Foundation is how I discovered that audiobooks just don’t work for me. Hyperion is great, but too new to really have that feeling of prescience that this older stuff has.

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Have any of you Asimov readers read The God’s Themselves? That one absolutely blew me away. Foundation was also just fantastic.

Edit - also if you like Asimov I definitely recommend children of time!

Yeah I love all things Asimov. Asimov explains the Bible is really interesting and his Tales of the Black Widowers is just top notch mystery short stories.


Just finished this. Relatively new Australian author Islington. Will definitely hit up his previous trilogy now. I’m such a sucker for this kinda stuff if it’s well done. Which imo this (and similar works like red rising) is.

Next up:


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I got a lot out of this one recently.


Rereading the Dark Tower; on book 4 (Wizard and Glass) currently.


The best one do you think? I remember that being my impression the first time, but I’ve never re-read it and could see that answer change.

Man I love the dark tower :heart_eyes: enjoy!

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I’ve always been partial to The Waste Lands (book 3) but this one is top notch for sure.

The Dark Tower really is King’s Lord of the Rings. And despite stating himself he can’t write love stories, Wizard and Glass is one of the best I ever read. Took him quite some years, but he delivered.

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Been slowly working through “Quiet” by Susan Cain, interesting stuff about (the traditional American notion of) introverts vs extroverts and how the assumptions about them(us) are reinforced by (American) culture…

I wanted to read a different book by Barbara Kingsolver, but realized I owned (via free book pile on campus) Lacuna, so figured I’d read that first. It takes place in between the World Wars and features as main characters Diego Rivera, Lev Trotsky, and Frida Kahlo. I went in blind, so didn’t expect any of that but I’m into it. Maybe I’ll check out Demon Copperhead next.