King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Theia / The Silver Cord / Set

New songs/videos!


I thought this deserved its own thread, feel free to nuke it if we should contain this to the general news thread though!

Definitely deserves it’s own thread… folks coming here to discuss might be discouraged not to see this as a trending topic here!

I’ve listened a bunch… at first I was into it but didn’t exactly click… now I am in a meeting and I’m just singing to myself in my head

I’m just a vessel
I’m just a poor boy travelling with my bodies

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I think Set is my favorite track so far but I am really digging the beat during the outro of The Silver Cord. Feel like that is going to turn into a really fun live jam.

From Pitchfork - Stu on the extended versions:

“It’s for the Gizz-heads. I love Donna Summer’s records with Giorgio Moroder, and I’d never listen to the short versions now—I’m one of those people who wants to hear the whole thing. We’re testing the boundaries of people’s attention spans when it comes to listening to music, perhaps—but I’m heavily interested in destroying such concepts.”

I will now need to listen to Donna Summer’s records with Giorgio Moroder.


well now I’m wondering what the extended versions sound like hmm

I loved the second part, (the title track) the other two I can take or leave honestly. Super excited for the full album tho.

And I thought “Wait a second
I know the synthesizer, why don’t I use the synthesizer
Which is the sound of the future”

My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everybody calls me Giorgio

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I fucking love the way he says syntheziser on the track.

“Why don’t I use the sintuh-SAIZ-uh”

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Random Access Memories recently turned 10 years old and they have that Moroder sample. Funny timing.

Set is going to be crazy live. I cannot wait to hear that. SLAY THE MIGHTY SET!

I listened to the trio of songs three more times on my commute and they’re already growing on me. I like Theia the most and probably Set the least at this point but each listen that’s changed. It’s so weird and different for my tastes, and it’s true that I wouldn’t reach for this if it weren’t King Gizz. But that’s been their beauty for me all along; they expand my boundaries.

Silver Cord giving me serious Kid A vibes. That’s a good thing.

Can’t wait to get one of these out of a smokin’ Hypertension or EDR or something.


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My goodness there is soo much to unpack here. Just finished another round of listening to the new songs, but this time through headphones. There is a lot of sounds underneath that I missed on the speaker-listen. Very deep and trippy.

We are very lucky to have these musicians in our present lives making their music!


I got a chance to listen a few times tonight. Holy shit I’m hype on this album. BF3K is one of my least favorites, so I didn’t have high expectations for TSC thinking it may have a similar vibe. Nope… the way this album is unfolding, I could see sitting in my top tier.

Theia builds up really nicely. I’m pretty excited about the extended version. There’s a lot to work with in there.

I love the vocals and textures in The Silver Cord. This song really shines on headphones.

Set goes hard. It kind of reminds me of Pretty Hate Machine era NIN (especially the drum sounds)… up until Amby crashes in, anyway haha.

So looking forward to hear the full album and see those songs next year…wonder how the vinyl settings will be​:sunglasses::ok_hand:

Really digging these songs and the visual. Going to be hard to not over-listen to these and particularly Set, I usually try and not wear out the singles before the album.

I was thinking the same thing.

I listen to them 3 times each yesterday. I will probably listen to them 1-2 times again today and then remove them from my liked songs on Spotify until the album comes out.

Oops. Don’t wear out the singles before the album? I listened to all three songs on repeat for an hour while waiting for my daughter at gymnastics. The songs kind of fit the scene of a hundred kids flipping, cartwheeling, and running around. I’m tempted to put the songs on repeat again while at my desk at work.

I’m strangely attracted to these songs but I still can’t say I really love them yet. They’re still so far afield from what I normally like.

No first impression on the tracks from @Gizzhenge??