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Today we are proud to announce that King Gizzard Song Histories — that is, as much information as can be gathered on these stories, about every single song by King Gizzard — is coming right here to the site!
It’s a colossal work at about 175,000 words in total, the size of a medium book. This project has been clinically executed by our own @TimelandIsWacky, who you may remember from his detailed Chicago ‘23 Residency Retrospective.

You can access each song’s history by going to the Album > Song > About

Follow along in each day our instagram Stories and leave comments for each song! Schedule below:

4/15: Teenage Gizzard
4/16: Willoughby’s Beach
4/17: 12 Bar Bruise
4/18: Eyes Like the Sky
4/19: Float Along - Fill Your Lungs
4/20: Oddments and Gripless
4/21: I’m In Your Mind Fuzz and “The Wholly Ghost”
4/22: Quarters!
4/23: Paper Mâché Dream Balloon
4/24: Nonagon Infinity
4/25: Flying Microtonal Banana
4/26: Murder of the Universe
4/27: Sketches of Brunswick East
4/28: Polygondwanaland
4/29: Gumboot Soup
4/30: Fishing For Fishies
5/1: Infest the Rats’ Nest and Chunky Shrapnel
5/2: Hear My Eyes: Suspiria and covers
5/3: K.G.
5/4: L.W. and “Fury”
5/5: Butterfly 3000
5/6: Made In Timeland and unreleased material
5/7: Satanic Slumber Party
5/8: Omnium Gatherum
5/9: Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms And Lava
5/10: Laminated Denim
5/11: Changes
5/12: PetroDragonic Apocalypse
5/13: The Silver Cord
5/14: Demos Vol. 1-6


I learned a lot by reading the Teenage Gizzard entries. The most interesting to me is that Summer! lyrics became part of Muddy Water.

I excited to follow along day-by-day. Thanks for making space to discuss here, @phreakbrain.

Today’s album. I loved seeing when these songs were busted out like Willoughby’s in Deniliquin and Danger $$$ here: 2024-03-21 Parque Simón Bolívar Bogotá, Colombia King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard -

Today’s 12 Bar Bruise songs show what we’re in store for with the level or detail that @TimelandIsWacky has put into these histories. Cut Throat Boogie really stands out, and this one was updated very recently to emphasize the importance of the song in King Gizzard’s development.

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Today’s entry of Eyes Like the Sky makes me want to go back and re-read @RattleRattleRattle’s celebration of Broderick Smith.

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Float Along… is out, and it has one of my favourite facts of all that I learned through this process. The first time they deviated from common 4/4 time was for the title track, which happened because Stu left his car’s headlights on for an extended period and the warning chime from the car was in 5/4. He didn’t realise he’d recreated it in this new song until hearing the alarm again later and finding out he’d burned it into his brain.


With Float Along now out, I have to ask if anyone knows any other sources for “30 Past 7.” I’ve been looking for all the sci-fi visuals for months. I’ve made YouTube comments and Reddit posts and nothing has come up. Any help is greatly appreciated.

We’re about to kick into some seriously long, dense histories here. “Head On/Pill” is just a taste.

Also Stu’s quote about Amby in “I’m Not A Man Unless I Have A Woman” made me laugh. He could have ended it at the first sentence but he really wanted to emphasize the point and he absolutely does. I think I’m the first person to ever quote it, it’s from a super obscure source.


I was just about to post about that Mustache Magazine article saying I did not expect to learn about King Gizz from a source of that name today.


The entry for Oddments is here!

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As well as their Dorsal Fins remix:

Probably the rarest published King Gizzard song.

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Big one out today, Mind Fuzz. Lots of info out there on this album, so plenty of full-bodied and fascinating write-ups.
Just the breakdown of how each song from the opening suite has been treated separately in setlist rotation over the years is surprisingly interesting:

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Also have a write up on The Wholly Ghost. They should really do something with this one. Song / The Wholly Ghost / About -

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Today’s round of writeups: Quarters!, by King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard / Releases /

I like Timelandiswacky’s description of why The River is the quintessential KGLW song.

Interesting that God is in the Rhythm was considered as the closer. It does sort of “fall apart” at the end. If they ever bring it back to a live setting that could be a cool thing to jam on or use as a cool segue.

It took these song histories for me to realize that the liveliest and most upbeat songs on PMDB also have the darkest lyrics.

Dude, it took me ages to notice that. I love the way the lyrics undercut the pastoral vibe without being too obvious about it. XTC did something similar on Skylarking, which is one of my all time favourites.

Also, I love the way the drums sound on this record, it reminds me of the drums on Watching The Detectives by Elvis Costello.

Honestly, PMDB still feels underappreciated in general. I get why, most of these tunes didn’t get played live for years, but as a front-to-back experience, it’s up there with Nonagon imo.

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Catching up from yesterday listening to PMDB now and fully agree. It’s such a delight every time. I really think if some other band made this, with the full typical promo cycle it could be a popular modern classic like MGMT - Congratulations or something.

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Today’s round of Song Histories: Nonagon Infinity, by King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard / Releases /

robot stop GIF by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

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