Gizz donating all $ from today's Bandcamp sales to Islamic Relief Australia

From their IG story.

Link to the Gizz Bandcamp

Islamic Relief Australia

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Sadly, I feel like Israel is pretty much left alone in this situation. Remember they are the ones who want to live in peace and reach out friendly to it’s neighbors, I think there is even some kind of law or constitution about it. While at least part of the Arabic world wants nothing less than Israel to be deleted from the map. Paroles like “From see river to the sea, Palestine will be free” make this very obvious. Also remember that Israel was attacked by most of its neighbors from day one foundation onward, and they didn’t call for that. Of all its neigbors, only Egypt recognized Israel and it’s right to exist. In Iraq there is a law against normalizing ties with Israel:

Same in Tunisia, quote from a German article:
“Anyone in Tunisia who commits the “crime of normalizing” relations with Israel risks a long prison sentence in future. Any form of communication will be considered “high treason”. Meanwhile, the speaker of parliament is indirectly calling for Israel to be wiped out.”

In my opinion, Israel deserves at least as much support as the Palestinian side. I think it’s really not Israel which does not want peace, but over all the decades a status quo got established which will be very difficult to solve.

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My take:

  1. All humans have the right to exist.

  2. War is not the answer. Period.