Bootleg art inspired by KGLW


I’m not sure what the rules are about posting or/and selling art here, so please delete this post if it’s against said rules.

Question - Are we allowed to post art that we did, as long as its connected to the band, and are we allowed to post links to online stores for people that might be interested in buying it?

You’re allowed to post your own gizz art in the gizzverse category I’d assume. hell, I’ll post some of my gizz art in this thread right now!

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From Gizzverse to Some Context

Hey, since this is a question about the forum rules I’ve moved the thread to the Some Context category for now. If you intend to turn it into an art sharing thread let me know and I can move it back and make some edits.

Absolutely you can share your artwork here. As far as promotion of merch sales, as long as it’s kept reasonable and relevant, and perhaps to a dedicated thread, it should be okay.
With selling, definitely original designs only.
If you’re sharing something you didn’t create, please take the effort to properly credit the original artist.

Thank you for your reply!

I would love to have a thread dedicated to art work inspired by the band, and of course, with only original artwork.

When it comes to sales, I meant that we can just post the art and link to the store, so if someone is interested, they could access it. Nothing like promotions, nothing too much in your face.

Let me know if this can work!

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I’m posting this here for now, until there is a separate topic for the Padua show.

Anyone that is interested - send me a DM!