Billy Strings Thread

Just attended my first Billy Strings concert this week (10/4). It was amazing!

It dawned on me a number of times during the shows “Jams” that Billy and his band are kinda like the American equivalent of King Gizz.

Both bands are similar in age and really represent the next generation of performers, and both bands definitely push their live music forward into exciting territory.
A lot of similarities between these two bands, even though the root of the music is completely different.

I think if you are a fan of Gizz you will really enjoy seeing Billy live.

He’s about to head back to Europe soon so if you have a chance give him a look even if you’ve never heard of him :slight_smile:

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He was playing in town during the Residency tour this year and I had to miss it… But I have tickets for December, which is too fsr away!

I haven’t taken a big plunge with Billy Strings yet but Bluegrass is strangely creeping into my life in a few ways, and he is a part of that for sure. I love how smoothly they can enter those trippy, spacy jams that you wouldn’t think fit in the genre, and then just as seamlessly get back into the plucking. I do also appreciate a good guitar face and he has one of the best.

Have you listened to Old & In the Way? They would dovetail nicely with your recent adventures in Grateful Dead-land.

All right, and while we’re on the subject, I need a bit of help with Billy. I’m a bluegrass traditionalist at heart, so Me / And / Dad gets a lot of spins in my house. Beyond that record and a couple of listens to Tinfoil & Turmoil, I’m a little lost. A friend was at the recent PDX shows and declared them top-shelf, so I think I’ll listen to those soon, but what else should I be checking out?

It’s just like Phish or the Dead, you gotta see him live.


Yup definitely go spin some shows on nugs or youtube for the true experience. Lots of traditional/cover songs show up in those live sets.

Bluegrass is very situational for me, and I’ve never enjoyed it more than on a Saturday, Sunday or maybe a holiday afternoon somewhere in western side of the Appalachians, particularly when you stumble upon it at a local park or festival as you are passing through.

If its after dark, I prefer me some drums be playing along. Not much better bluegrass adjacent music than early live String Cheese Incident. It wasn’t all bluegrass either which makes for far more interesting 2 set show imo.

You would think he would be more population at r/bluegrass, but like with jazz, bluegrass fans have a lot a jaded purists i think. Fascinating read though:

I have indeed! This is a good reminder to listen to the rest of their material, funny how little of it there is compared with Jerry’s other projects.


Exactly! Everytime I see him live, he just blows me away. He’s just full of talent and plays from the soul.

The acoustic show in Detroit is kind of in Billy’s neighborhood.

sit in! sit in! sit in!
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I want Billy to sit in on some metal shit though…