2024-05-15 @ Forest National in Brussels, Belgium

They didn’t bring it out on Residency 23 tour until Night 2 caverns to be fair. I’d be pretty shocked if Joey doesn’t have his modular synth.


Work This Time has Ice V teases around 6:00 of the archive version

maybe best Work This Time jam? I was beginning to miss the Joey solo versions, but this jam is dope.


chills on that Magma. This a step above South America imo
lets see what they can do with a 6 and a half minute FAFYL


I found the start of the drum solo very jarring, but yeah it did come together very nicely with Joey’s shredding.

Just now watching. I love the SG and Explorer combo between Stu and Joey. They’re achieving so many great things from different albums without switching guitars. I noticed the capo on Stu’s guitar during Witchcraft, maybe instead of riffing it like before, they worked out the poly tapping part to make it more cohesive and less labor intensive. I love watching this band make themselves better minute by minute.


just noticed a “sad pilot” tease during the intro jam before “am i in heaven?”.

“sad pilot” tease


Nice attention to detail. Really interesting to see all the levels they are still evolving at. New gear/setup can go so far, even just their fancy new in-ear monitors just go so far too keep everyone on stage more aware of each other. Keeps me just as hopeful that new synth based stuff is coming.

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