Wishlist Gizz Records

I know this has been talked to death but it seems to me we are in a bit of a lull at least when it comes to new information on the band’s latest output(s). That means its the best time to speculate wildly on what we want to come next, forget about what might actually be coming (unless you want it).

I’ve heard some of the discussion around a “Nonagon 2” and while I want it in my conscious mind, deep down I think something totally original will be better. Ultimately, any kind of “in your face” pysch like that might end up sounding samey (I love Psychedelic Porn Crumpets but I think they suffer from this). So I think it will be hard to keep the “Nonagon” feeling fresh. I think they avoided this well with Infest → PDA though, so maybe its unfounded.

I don’t know if Gizz would have the vocals for something like a Bluesgrass record but I would love to see some “traditional cultural” music from somewhere in the world. With Microtonality, I think they showed they can take a genre or style rooted in a certain part of the world and absolutely flesh it out. Since they’re touring with King Stingray this year, hopefully some good collab potential there for something more tradititonally/natively based out of Australia. Zamrock is big on my list for this too.

As for wild speculation, I think its been awhile since we’ve had straight up “indie rock”. Paper Mache being struck down in the Album Challenge here on the forum made me realize they haven’t had anything in that vein since 2015 (Changes is jazz, fight me). Never been huge into that genre but Paper Mache is one of my favorite Gizz records.

What are we looking for in '24? What are you hoping to be on “Gizz’s Greatest Hits” come their 20th anniversary in 2030?

My take is that they’ve never made a true Jazz record, but I suspect they will swing back toward that sort of sound (PMDB/Changes) as they back off composing by jamming in studio, which they started doing in the second half of this year. Eg. Lucas has written at least one new song and played keys on it, so that could definitely lead to that kind of slacker/Heavy Moss vibe he likes.

I don’t think they’ll ever do ‘Nonagon 2’. In the last AMA Stu even addressed going back to that IIYMF/Nonagon sound directly when he said he didn’t think they could even if they wanted to.
That was something they managed by just going as hard at it as they could without planning what it would turn out like. I think he’d rather spend his time mixing new official bootlegger releases than trying to re-do their old sounds in the studio.