Why isn't King Gizzard bigger in Australia? Triple J Hottest 100 Thread

Seriously, from what I can tell if feels like they peaked in Australia a long time ago, like 2017-2018. Was FFF, Rats Nest and subsequent albums not as popular in Australia? Was Dripping Tap as big in Australia as in the US…it really lead to a surge in new jamband fans finding Gizz? Did the whole Blues Fest thing hurt their popularity? Or maybe they are just as popular as ever in Australia and I’m just mistaken?

Has the huge surge in popularity in the US lead to more interest in Australia? Maybe an Australian can explain what’s going on with the boys in their homeland?

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Brah they topping charts down under


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bro gila monster is being pumped on jjj like every day or so

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That is a lot of Taylor Swift

Do you think there is more demand to see them live? Think they will they be playing some bigger venues soon, like is happening in the US?

But Dripping Tap or Iron Lung could’t make triple j hot 100 last year and they are playing at like 5:45 at Splendour.

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Taylor Swift has had more albums in our top albums chart every week this year than all Australian artists combined.
I don’t think PDA’s appearance there really has much bearing on their popularity in this country, any moderate local release does that, then vanishes. Its great to see them enter regular rotation on Triple J again, if there is one thing that will help build their popularity here it will be that.

Triple J is the main part of the rather rigid path to success in the Australian music industry. You usually need to gain ‘approval’, then you can go deep in the ecosystem of the station until you hit a ceiling and have to go overseas. King Gizzard have always had pretty decent support there, but they’ve never fully entered the circle, and in the meantime just skipped straight to the US market which is already better suited for them. Lewis Hobba is one of the oldest presenters on Triple J and he’s from Angelsea, the same tiny coastal town as Stu, which I think was crucial for them in the early days. He’s just about to leave the station though so I’m curious to see how that affects things.

I really think Eric was very underrated as a manager, he really did play the industry game a fair bit. Applying for grants/awards, doing radio promo, and was getting into the ARIA circle too (Australian equivalent of the Grammys, which King Gizzard have won two of). Now that he’s gone its like they are totally doing their own thing with no concern, ie. pulling out of Blues Fest earlier this year.

There’s no real jam scene or much following bands on tour here, so I imagine they’re pretty content to leave their Australian popularity as it is haha.


That is interesting. I guess I’m wondering does the surge in US popularity get noticed and lead to increased popularity in Australia? Dows it cause Australians to give an artist a 2nd look when people overseas see something they may have missed?

Because they had a million and one submissions for hottest 100 so we had to choose one song and stick with it and since most people just choose one song from the artist then you had to get everyone to agree

I suppose it must give them a little bit of a second look, but I honestly can’t really think of anyone who has got more popular overseas then come back and built themselves up here.

Last time they made the Hottest 100 was with Nuclear Fusion, and they had way more eligible songs then. I think that happened because that song was actually put in high rotation.
Last year they really only played Kepler 22b and Hate Dancin’, which are just weird choices that would never have made the countdown.

It’s Hottest 100 season again:

Voting opens tomorrow and I think Gila Monster has a better shot at making the countdown than they’ve had in years:

Was a lead single with a music video, is popular among King Gizz fans as well as non-fan appeal, and was actually put in high rotation on Triple J (attached image is King Gizzard plays on the station for the last 365 days).

Who’s voting? I’m not fully decided but I think I’m voting Dragon, maybe some TSC, then Leah Senior, The Murlocs, Cash Savage and the Last Drinks, BIG WETT, maybe Flume/Tkay Maidza, Tasman Keith… but I’m narrowing that all down now.

So the 100 Warm Tunas prediction has Gila Monster at #44:

Would be their highest appearance by far which seems wishful, but good chance to at make it in somewhere.

Well it’s something.

First appearance in any form of Hottest 100 since 2017.