When did Gizzard 'click' for you?

I’d been aware of them for a long time, but my interest wasn’t piqued until I heard the big breakdown in Gamma Knife. Shortly after that, I heard an interview with Stu and Eric on the radio where they announced multiple projects coming out the next year, and days later when Rattlesnake dropped I was recommended it on Youtube. Seeing what they looked like and what they’re about in that video is really what brought it together for me, and I fully dove in from that point.


Cyboogie. I heard some of Nonagon Infinity, Polygondwanaland and Flying Microtonal Banana before then but Cyboogie was such a catchy tune that I couldn’t stop singing it. Then they started teasing Infest and it was also right up my alley. By that point I was already a diehard fan.


Promoting two albums separately at the same time before either was out was a lot of fun. Absolutely blew my mind when Planet B dropped as we were obviously all expecting more Fishies, still one of my favourite of their metal songs for this reason, and the drastically different visual for the video.

I dabbled for a while and for some reason I searched on YouTube for live footage to see how they were live. Concerts and the kexp stuff just were right up my alley, so I dove in and haven’t regretted a moment of it!

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The KEXP sessions are definitely the way, do you remember which one it was?

Haha hmmm no I don’t remember which one… Pretty sure Stu was barefoot. Probably doesn’t help at all :joy:

Started listening in earnest late 2020/early 2021. At some point I found one of u/SchizoidGod’s flowcharts, I had tried Mind Fuzz and Nonagon before cuz that’s what you’re “supposed” to do, but they never clicked. Instead I followed the chart towards the jazzy stuff, and Quarters! finally got me.
At first all the chill tracks hooked me (FAFYL, Slow Jam 1, Sleepwalker) but found myself coming back to the heavy stuff more often. Now the jams and live versions are my favs, reminiscent of late nights listening to Head On/Pill and The River on my patio :slight_smile:

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My friends and I went to Sasquatch in 2016. I didn’t really care about live music at the time and hadn’t ever been to a show where I didn’t feel somewhat uncomfortable and out of place. I decided to go because Mac Demarco AND Todd Terje were playing there. I hadn’t seen Mac yet, but all my friends had been raving about his live shows so I was excited to see him live. My friends told me Todd Terje rarely toured outside of Europe so that was kind of the selling point.

We were listening to some of the bands from the lineup that we’d never heard before and the name King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard was all I needed to know to want to see them live. The only song I remember hearing before the festival was Satan Speeds Up. I thought it was really weird and I liked it.

The last day of the festival we walked into their set, maybe about 15 minutes in, and although I didn’t know any of the songs at the time, I’m pretty sure it was mostly nonagon and mind fuzz stuff. They probably played the river too. It was the first time seeing live music where I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and was properly blown away, because it was fast paced, and loud, and SICK.

I was working as a delivery driver at the time so when we got home from Sasquatch I blew through their discography (what was on spotify at least, for some reason Quarters and Mindfuzz were NOT at the time) and listened to Nonagon Infinity on repeat for years. Still listen to it all the time. Love the Gizz. Praise the Gizz.

Man I kinda miss delivering pizza. I would listen to soooooo much music.

I really love this story, it must be a fairly rare way for it to happen I think!
I was also coming out of my shell of being uncomfortable at live shows around this time frame. King Gizz were not immediately part of that process, but I still couldn’t have imagined why you would want to see the same artist for 2 shows in a row until I did for my first two King Gizz shows in 2017.