What studio Gizz are ya listening to?

Gumboot over here. I come back to it a lot, probably because so many of the songs don’t appear in the live rotation. It’s easy to forget about little gems like Barefoot Desert, Superpostion, Last Oasis, etc.

I was listening to Shanghai the other day and realized I didn’t know what they’re singing. That made me want to read all of their lyrics, so I’ve been listening through all of the albums while reading the lyrics. I’m not necessarily going in order, but I did start with some of the early albums. I just finished FAFYL.

I’ve been on a Gumboot kick too. So many good deep cuts on that one. Such a nice vibe to that record.

Other than that, I had Fishing For Fishies on last night. That was the first album I was around for and I didn’t fully appreciate it until a few years ago. Oh, and Timeland. I’m never not listening to that one.

That’s a classic handle/post if ever I’ve seen one.

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I have this playlist of laminated denim → made in timeland → quarters that gets a lot of air time when digging thru paperwork at my job.

Also used to be super obsessed with gumboot but put it down for a while. Recently gave it a relisten and damn yeah that shits hot.

Made a playlist of KG>LW a while back, it works great as a single continuous album.

Have one of these as well but i got FMB on the back end. Works pretty well but a lot of times ill just do the KG>LW stuff…

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Gumboot one of the best studio vinyls, change my mind.

After we uncovered that Dec. 31, 2011 recording, I gained a newfound interest in the earliest Gizz. Honestly, I really had never given Willoughby’s Beach nor 12 Bar Bruise much of a chance. I just thought they weren’t really my style and that they were kind of an inchoate version of the band I love. So, I figured I wasn’t missing out on any of the real-deal Gizz albums, which begin with FAFYL. What an ass I’ve been!

For the past few days, I’ve had Willoughby’s Beach and 12 Bar Bruise on repeat and have come to realize that King Gizz had–right from the start–that greatness we all see in them today.

Now, it’s Teenage Gizzard that I’m still sleeping on. Not for long.