What other shows are you seeing this month (July)?

All i have this month is The Disco Biscuits at The Fillmore in San Francisco on 7/20. Its the same place i saw them last 14-years ago in 2009. That is the last time they played the Bay Area i think.

Phish at Star Lake! Going to be my 50th and 51st, though the second night is under threat of family plans.

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Also doing Disco Biscuits at the Fillmore, will be my first time seeing them.

Only other thing this month was Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, which was spectacular.

Pretty slow concert month for me.

See you there…buy you a drink

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Fo’ sho’, thanks!


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Phish Phish Phish.

I just saw them in Huntsville and Alpharetta

Then doing all the MSG shows.

Maybe will hit some local shows

Les Claypool


Tori Amos

Leo Kottke

Ween (x2)

Have you ever watched that video in its entirety? I dare you, lol.

From what I can tell, they’ve improved greatly since then…

free show in SF Stern Grove, seeing Bob Moses and Neal Francis. Really excited for Neal Francis, their last album is very groovy.

Highly recommend heading to Stern Grove if you ever have a chance. Big eucalyptus grove in the Sunset neighborhood and they put on free concerts every Sunday in the summer. Can bring in your own lawn chairs, coolers and beer, doinks, last year I saw Phil Lesh and Friends there and the people behind me were enjoying their afternoon with some DMT.

Got my Lettuce tickets and hoping for Flaming Lips tickets tomorrow for Stern Grove. Bummer I missed the Neil Frances tickets, saw him in April and he was awesome

Nice, i just picked up a floor seat for Ween at the Fox. Forgot about that one.

Also trying for Flaming Lips tickets at Stern Grove. I’ve seen them like a dozen times since the early 90s when they opened for Tool during She Don’t Use Jelly tour. Its a love/hate thing. I love the music, but hate how much Wayne talks.

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Just got back from Ween. Great show and met
@SupremeAxendancy and bunch of Gizz fans! Have fun in Sacramento and anyone doing more of the tour. The band seems to be having a lot of fun.

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July was an awesome music month for me: Sun Arkestra, Parliament Funkadelic, Altin Gun, and Phish x 2.


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