What King Gizzard songs have you been sleeping on?

I’ve been really burnt out on King Gizzard.
The nice thing about their music is that there is such a wide variety of songs in their discography.
So, you really can switch it up if you wanted.
I’ve looked past Intrasport, but holy fuck I can’t stop listening to it on repeat. It’s so fun and wacky. I can easily move my body to it.

Feeling a bit burnt out myself too honestly. The Silver Cord was a big miss for me personally as well

Want to dig into the albums I dont listen to alot: Eyes Like the Skies, Butterfly 3000, and Sketches of Brunswick East. Butterfly 3000: I always forget how much I like it until I’m listening.

Maybe I’ll dig into some deep cuts as well… What Demos are worth listening to over the others? Listen to too muc live stuff, never really got there.

I guess I’ve slept on PDA. It just felt a bit bland to me. I’ve loved The Silver Cord though, particularly the extended mixes, and the PDA nods on there make me wonder whether I should give it another try.

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Intrasport is peak! Easily one of my favorite tracks and an excellent music video.

I gotta admit I totally burned myself out on The Silver Chord. I listened to it on repeat for weeks and honestly haven’t listened to it again in at least a couple months. Not really sure why that is. It pushed my boundaries and I enjoyed that experience but for some reason I’m having a hard time going back to it.

I’m still listening to a lot of live Gizz. For me, that’s endless entertainment.

I slept on Oddlife and The Bird Song for a while. Two pretty good songs that I continued to overlook for some reason. Recently I’ve had Music To Burn Money To on. I never hear anyone talk about it but it’s pretty great.

i’m also getting a little burned out tbh.

some deep-cut favorites of mine:
the cruel millennial
the spider and me
muddy water
digital black
cold cadaver
no body
ice v (not overlooked generally, but i love that one)
real’s not real

hope this helps :sweat_smile: