What kind of posts do we want to create?

As much as I love answering questions about my favorite band, I think that we should try and come up with ideas for other types of content. For instance, maybe we could have a weekly art thread with a new theme each week. Or sharing photos we took of the band. I know the forum is just starting to gain traction, so I don’t expect these things to happen overnight. I just thought it would be nice to share ideas with one another :slight_smile:


Weekly art thread could be cool, would need a lot of regular users though. There is already a fan art thread happening btw:

The way I see it is that thread topics should be a little more ‘permanent’ than Reddit posts, as they can always be bumped to the top while Reddit threads naturally die. You get quite a few topics there that might work better on a forum as ongoing things, like famous King Gizzard fans was a recent one for example.
But this is exactly what we need to experiment with as we learn how people prefer to use the forum :speech_balloon:

Hello! I’m new here, but I’m hoping for an alternative to instagram and Reddit. Where we can share news about the band, as well as info on merch drops and whatnot. I’d love to have a one stop shop for all band updates.


You’re more than welcome to create a thread for that! That would go in the Gizzverse category.

Whenever there is a new release coming out, maybe a pinned post where people can post their vinyl pictures so we don’t get a flood of vinyl pics in the feed (like on Reddit). People can then also avoid any “spoilers” if they ordered a vinyl and were curious to open and see what their version looked like (saw someone comment on that recently on reddit).


I was thinking back to forums I frequented in the early 2000s and one of the things I did always found fun were some of the forum games, so I’ved just created The Great Association Chain Of Being thread.

Back then these sort of threads were often found in the OffTopic section of the forums (on phpBB3 forums your avatar/rank was often coupled to your postcount and to not inflate the postcount it was usually disabled for OT - I’m not sure if this would really be relevant here?)

This is the idea but we need more people. Spread the word! Even after Reddit’s shenanigans (after which I mostly left the site except for niche interest subs…), there are 100k subscribers on r/KGATLW. I don’t know how many active users there are currently here but we’ve got a long way to go when the “one stop shop” concept can be a numbers game.

We hope to usurp that top spot eventually and I’m confident this site will. I just started working behind the scenes and if everyone could see the effort, passion, and all around good nature of the people behind this site, everyone would leave Reddit in droves to bring their Gizz obession here.