What is the best part of every gizz album?

Because fuck a song entirely being good, it’s only about the small parts that really stand out here!
Could be a lyric, could be a solo, could even be an entire verse or outro per se!

For example:

  • 12 Bar Bruise - Harmonica solo off Garage Liddiard
  • Oddments - The chorus off sleepwalker
  • FMB - Anoxia opening
  • MoTU - Life/Death
  • FFF - Acarine, the last vocals and solo before it gets techno
  • ItRN - Mars For The Rich interlude
  • Butterfly 3000 - The end of ya love transitioning into the title track
  • Timeland - Smoke & Mirrors last minute
  • PDA - First chorus of witchcraft

etc. etc.


Sets the tone for the album and is also really fun to scream when playing it nice and louddddd

not every album because i can’t think of anything for some of em

FAFYL - That synth from Pop in My Step / the opening riff from Head On/Pill
Mind Fuzz - “Every life is like a song that takes forever to be sung” / Any verse from Am I in Heaven
Quarters! - the entirety of God is in the Rhythm tickles my brain
PMDB - the Sense chorus / the first two seconds of Most of What I Like
Nonagon - Robot Stop intro (ofc) / last minute of Death Roll
Banana - Rattlesnake bridge
MOTU - Han Tyumi’s dialogue on Digital Black
Sketches - “I am true perspective”
Polygon - “I don’t want to be a crumbling, crumbling, crumbling castle”
Fishies - “Cyboogie, fishing for fishies”
Rats’ Nest - chorus of Self-Immolate / “Space is the place for the human race” / last chorus of Venusian 1 with Amby Joey and Cookie chanting “VE! NU! SI! AN! ONE!”
KG - “I think I’m feeling something, will I evaporate? Is this me feeling something? I’ve got a bird eye view. I have shed my skin, look at me now”
B3K - Yours’ synthloop / “I’ve got happiness inside my pocket. It cost me 24 dollars”
OG - Amby’s part on The Dripping Tap / “I don’t believe you, your eyes deceive you” / Gaia’s riff / BIOTW chorus / “This little man is too hot to handle, set the funeral on fire with the candles”
Ice Death - Amby’s verse on Mycelium / “Will we survive” / “A rumble, a smile” / “Death smells like boiled eggs” / That one part in Iron Lung
LD - LBT outro / “Like a red herring, laminated denim”
Changes - Joey’s verses on the title track / Astroturf and Gondii chorus

Some of these are pretty obvious, i know, but some others are just moments that stuck with me for no reason in particular


the part in nonagon infinity where stu goes woo

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Just a couple off the top of my head:

Rat’s Nest: the Hell outro

OG: “My spirit runs mauve, I am the mountain of which you dream, I see you now behind the lens looking back at me” chills

Change: “and then you get the news that obliterates your view”

  • 12 Bar Bruise - The youthful, fun vibe throughout.
  • FAFYL - “Let me mend the past / let me see behind your mask”
  • Mind Fuzz - 90% of the “Mind Fuzz” suite
  • Quarters! - “Floating down…down down…down down…down down…”
  • PMDB - The chorus and ending of the title track.
  • Nonagon - The harmonica playing throughout the first half of the album.
  • Banana - Cavs’ drumming on “Open Water”
  • MOTU - Han Tyumi’s monologuing and story arch
  • Gumboot Soup - “The street is where people live / the street is where people die.”
  • Fishies - The album’s overarching theme of exploring humanity’s confrontational relationship with nature.
  • Rats’ Nest - Themes addressed in the album’s opening two tracks (“Planet B” and “Mars For The Rich”)
  • KG - The synths in “Intrasport” + The sweet vibe of “Honey”
  • LW - The way this album shows off how you can write catchy songs using a microtonal scale.
  • B3K - The transitions between “Interior People/Catching Smoke” and “Dreams/Blue Morpho”
  • Timeland - The electro-experimentation throughout.
  • OG - Literally everything about “The Dripping Tap”.
  • Ice Death - Amby’s part in “Iron Lung” + the sections where the guitar and flute intermingle with each other.
  • LD - The chorus of the title track.
  • PDA - The synth-heavy outro of “Flamethrower”

Those little trills of Mellotron and Wurlitzer in Blue Morpho are maybe my favourite little moment in the discography.
The end of The Fourth Colour.
The transition from Road Train into Robot Stop.

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At the end of Infest the Rats nest, we get two exciting parts where the name of the album is referenced and it’s just a damn cool lyric. Go fuck their shit up!

Nausea-less, resoluteness near the entrance
Satan points me to the rats’ nest

And then at the very end of the song, the tempo slows and we get an entirely new vocal style

Fifteen infantry paratroop into the propylene new scene
Hell’s where they wanna be
Infest the rats’ nest

And we are left to imagine the chaos these agents of Satan cause upon the Rats and their Nest on Mars.

I can’t imagine anything more badass than this. Perfect end to a perfect album.


Man I just made a post regarding what can be more badass than the end of Rats Nest… but The Fourth Colour rivals it for sure

I believe the hyperbole
I see the fourth colour
I can see, tetrachromacy
I see the fourth colour

So cool, gives me chills


I just love the freak-out of noise that is obviously meant to convey this experience that is so beyond comprehension.


Feel like this will fluctuate based on mood but:

12BB - Sea of Trees (if i had to be specific the intro into that explosion of guitars)
ELTS - album intro
FAFYL - switch from Head On into Pill
Oddments - Crying into Pipe Dream
Mind Fuzz - Satan Speeds Up “Every second, every minute, every hour, every day…”
Quarters! - instrumental section of God Is In the Rhythm
Paper Mache - harmonies in Time = $$
Nonagon Infinity - Robot Stop solo or Evil Death Roll > Invisible Face
Flying Microtonal - drum intro of Melting
MOTU - Murder of the Universe dialogue
Sketches - You Can Be Your Silhouette final verse
Poly - guitar harmonies in the middle of Crumbling Castle or the stereo vocals on The Fourth Colour
Gumboot - outro of Greenhouse Heat Death
Fishing - switch at the end of Acarine
Rats Nest - Hell ending
KG - Ontology solo
LW - first breakdown of KGLW
B3K - all of the lyrics of the title track
Timeland - the Timeland breakdown in Smoke and Mirrors or the main electronic sections of Timeland
OG - Candles “Time is a vessel and our little boat is leaking”
IDPLM&L - Ice V “lucky seven, ace of spades, double down, checkmate, woo!”
LD - Hypertension final verse/build up
Changes - Astroturf’s chorus

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“It smells like rain!” from Muckraker is favorite part of 12BB and might be favorite part of any album

I got one to add from pda after a bunch of listens the guitar solo at the end of supercell really pops, especially thinking of it like a brutal storm rolling in. Bombshell carousel raising hell!

Petro - last verse of Witchcraft after solo, DAWN. OF. E. TER. NAL. NIGHT!!!, and “I drink lakes of motor oil” melody finally clicking after it being played on guitar in Motor Spirit and earlier in Flamethrower

Awesome thread!
Some highlights for me,

  • Sketches - A Journey to (S)Hell

  • Im in your mind fuzz - Both Satan Speeds Up & Slow Jam I

  • Quarters! - the right at the start (and additional parts) of the river where they get up into the song

  • MOTU - “The spatter becomes a spray, the spray becomes a stream… etc etc” that whole narrative. Major chills down my spine.

  • Fishies - straight tie between the last bit of Acarine & “Cyboogie, Fishing for Fishies”

  • PDA - “Drink the piss and smoke your meth, no one left → SUPA CELLL!!!”

  • Ice Death - Really partial to the lyrics of Gelise 710 although the hook of Ice V is quite good.

  • ITRN - Venusian II, entire song. Straight fire.

  • KG & LW - Intrasport & Supreme Ascendency (if i had to choose one off each)

  • FMB - rattle rattle

  • Timeland - whenever the voice over says timeland. Also ambys raps

  • OG - grim reaper. Amby rap album when?

  • B3k - i got happiness inside my pocket, it cost me $25

  • Nonagon - limber up, fuck shit up, dont fuggedaboutit

  • Laminated Denim - the gongs at 5 minute intervals

  • Changes - dogshit heaven

Just to toss my hat into the ring for some of my favorite gizz moments ive caught while listening!

“Cyboogie, fishing for fishies” nation rise up !

They left Africa dancing…

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It’s stuff like that that really clinches what I love about Gizz. It’s all there in that one line you gotta keep decoding.

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Oh yeah! This gets stuck in my head frequently.