What do you all think will happen with all the Nugs.net recordings?

We all know that the 2022 Red Rocks shows eventually became official bootlegger shows a few months after you could rent them at Nugs.net, but the pro shot videos were never released after that initial rental. Parts have shown up on YouTube, but most is still not available. Yes, I know part of the final show 2022-11-02 were lost by nugs.net, but what happened to the rest?

What do you think will happen with the US residency nugs.net recordings? Bootlegger of the audio again and the pro shot videos to mostly be passed around among fans? What is the future of official live recordings going to be for King Gizz? How soon until we can get a sbd for every show at a reasonable cost…like maybe subscription based?

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not sure how much of the residency shows will be released/officially bootlegged, hopefully at least one show per stop, or even a box set of every show for each city would be cool. the videos probably never since they’re owned by nugs. just passed around fans.

as for SBDs, it seems unlikely given how much control Stu likes to have over the mixing and mastering process. Nugs already does that for pretty much every other jam band they stream on the service, and they usually pop up within 48 hours of a show happening. seems like a tight window for Stu to get that done in. he’d have to relinquish that control and responsibility and let someone else do it. otherwise we’ll continue to rely on our beloved tapers

I have all the videos downloaded which of course includes SBD audio. Planning to rip the audio to losless and separate tracks. It will take some time for me to do this as I have kids and work full-time. All of it sounds great so I dont plan on fooling with the mix or EQ much if any. Once its done I plan to upload to Archive.


Sounds good, I did the same with the Red Rocks ‘22 shows. You may consider uploading to the community archive and not the live music archive in order to avoid the upload being pulled for copyright violation


Were there ever 4K broadcasts from the 2022 tour on nugs aside from red rocks? Wanting to listen to more 2022 SBDs.

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there is Bonnaroo 2022-06-17 but no other SBDs that I am aware. There are some high-quality audience recording like San Luis Obispo, San Francisco, Washington DC, Atlanta, Austin both nights and a few others.

I have all 3 nights on a backup drive, though not the best quality for them. All of Night 1 except Rattlesnake can be found on YouTube. All of Night 2 is on YouTube. Nugs Night 3 footage is nowhere to be found online.

It’s low quality, but you can watch and download my Infest The Red Rocks Nest video Edit from my Google Drive. It always gets blocked on YouTube due to the Night 3 content. Footage from all 3 Nights + Superbug from this year.


I’ve also collected all of what is on YouTube into 1 Playlist linked below. I haven’t put them in the right order yet, but like I said it’s all of Night 1 except Rattlesnake and all of Night 2 :+1:

Correction, Pleura from Night 2 is not on YouTube, but I put in the Pleura from RR23 in its place. There’s also Streamus’s footage of Rattlesnake and a few random Night 3 fan footage videos at the end. None have great Audio, but it’s better than nothing

I honestly hope they end up doing something like LivePhish. It would be cool if you could scan your tickets to download the audio of the shows you’ve been to.


From Gizzverse to Live Gizz

From Gizzverse to Live Gizz