Weirdo Swarm Fan/Art Projects

I haven’t set aside the time to watch it yet, but the release of this fan-made '23 tour documentary got me to make this long overdue thread.

There are so many great projects that come out of the weirdo swarm, and too many of them fly under the radar here.
For example these two zines that launched digitally recently:

Across The Gizzverse fan zine, around 60 people contributed original art and write-ups themed or inspired by each of the band’s main releases. Pay what you like download (has raised around $600 USD for charity so far), and some really great stuff in there.

Weirdo Swarm Zine - 2019 US/Canada Tour book, this is a 235 page A5 book chronicling the whole 2019 NA tour through dozens of community submitted stories from show attendees, filled with original artworks, venue histories, and an interview with Mystery Jack. This thing is seriously impressive and has taken years to compile. Available as a $5+ download with a physical edition in the works.


Unfortunately the Epicenter records Live in Chicago vinyl boxset had to be cancelled:

They’re looking to do CDs and tapes in the mean time to raise funds.

Super sad about this. I guess the bright side is that my refund is already being processed.

made some stickers to bring to europe this spring