Watcha Watchin? (Movies, TV etc.)

I always thought the worst thing about the movie theater was the people. That and the prices for snacks…

Two movies I’d count among my all-time favorites, I Am Cuba and La Haine, are coming to 4K Blu-Ray from Criterion in April.

I’m on movie 11/12 of the Cinema Speculation list and its Paul Schraders Hardcore (1979) which is just f’n excellent so far. Especially how good George C Scott is. And then did a double take at this line :smiley:

after a second viewing, this time of the dubbed version, yeah it’s low-to-mid tier Miyazaki, which is still way better than most movies. my main takeaway is that I fucking love these guys.

also, have to say the audiences at both screenings of The Boy and The Heron have been wonderful: super chill and respectful, no talking, no gawking at their phones etc.

In contrast, I was at a screening of Blade Runner the other night, and right behind me was this guy who spent the whole time giggling at literally everything for some reason, like even this woman on a screen made him fucking lose it for some reason? 99% sure you could show him Schnidler’s List and he’d piss himself laughing.

that’s the thing; it’s almost always just one person or small group who ruin it for everybody, and I find it’s best to, in the nicest way possible, tell them to shut up as early on as possible, because anything less just doesn’t work. Funnily enough, it’s also completely random in terms of demographic; being an annoying prick spans all ages and genders.

Got around to watching Love & Mercy today. As a fan of Brian Wilson and his work in the Beach Boys I really enjoyed myself, but the major catharsis came from the raw emotional punches the movie keeps throwing your way. “Life is stranger than fiction” is a good way to put it considering its all based off true events and the performances also elevated the movie to a whole different level than most contemporary music biopics. Needless to say Paul Dano kind of stole the show for me but that’s only one of the many great actors already putting in top shelf performances. Great movie, glad someone decided it was worth telling in this medium.

I’m a huge Beach Boys/Brian Wilson fanatic (see a pic of my bookshelf below) but I have pretty mixed feelings about Love & Mercy. As a movie, I think it’s decent but a little uneven, but more importantly, a true to life biopic of Brian wouldn’t have been nearly as hagiographic I think, ntm the way it shortchanges (especially the contributions of Van Dyke Parks) some people is really unfortunate. Even Mike Love, who everyone agrees is a complete dick, comes off as nothing but a one-dimensional cartoon villain. I’m usually inclined to defend artistic license in non-fiction movies, but the way it’s done in Love & Mercy is a bit questionable imo.

That’s fair, I don’t doubt the hollywood-ification at work and if I knew a lot more about the story being told I would have more notes, I think the strength of the movie was more the portrayals of the musical process and mental health. I do agree that they could have put more work into making some characters seem less one-dimensional but maybe the runtime would have suffered too who knows. Glad this is not seen as a perfect movie too because I actually had a hard time thinking of criticism but I think your outlook is pretty valuable here so thank you

The Holdovers finally got released over here only today, so very late on this, but man, what a wonderful, insightful little gem, easily one of the best of 2023. Also, the showing I went to was completely empty so I got a whole theatre to myself!


watched this last night

didn’t love it as much as some have, but Charles Melton’s performance deserves all the hype it’s gotten. He’s the beating heart at the centre of this movie, and as it hones in on him toward the end, it’s spellbinding. It’s just a shame that I can’t really say the same for the rest of it.

Absolutely holds up on second viewing. Probably my second favourite of 2023 behind Oppenheimer.

I’ve found it so hard to sit down and watch movies all the way through lately, but there’s a lot of potential movies you guys posted here that could draw me back in!!

Been a little late but I started watching the second season for Invincible. I was so freaking confused because I thought I had forgotten everything about the first season but it turns out my dumb ass started watching episode 2 instead of beginning with the first one. I completely forgot about the Lizard League, what the hell

nw the 4K remaster of

yesss I love satoshi kon. have you seen paprika?

Nope, have it on DVD somewhere in the attic though. Might pull it out soon cos Perfect Blue was incredible.



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