Vinyl for trade / swap / sale

Got any records you’re trying to rehome?

Here are some doubles I’ve got which need a new family…

  • Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour
  • Beatles, Revolver
  • California Honeydrops, Like You Mean It (sealed)
  • Cochemea, Vol 2: Baca Sewa (sealed)
  • Damon, Song of a Gypsy (sealed) rehomed!
  • GA-20, Crackdown (sealed)
  • King Gizzard, Chunky Shrapnel (sealed)
  • Little Feat, Waiting for Columbus
  • Taj Mahal, The Real Thing
  • Scott Metzger, Too Close to Reason (sealed)
  • Polyrhythmics, Libra Stripes (sealed)
  • Prince, The Hits 1 (sealed)
  • Prince, The Hits 2 (sealed)
  • Steel Pulse, True Democracy (2009 press) rehomed!
  • Billy Strings, Renewal (sealed)
  • Vida Blue, Crossing Lines (sealed record, w/photo unsealed)

I’ve got a sealed copy of Phish’s Fuego I’d be down to trade for one of these, maybe the Little Feat, Delvon, Billy, or Page album.

Already got Fuego unfortunately :sweat_smile:

I’m interested in Damon and Steel Pulse, for sure. Maybe that Taj Mahal too. I can post my list of available trades in a little bit.

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hey worth a shot; it’s my only dupe rn

These are up for trade, although I might be okay selling if someone is really interested in a certain title. Everything is VG or better (to the best of my knowledge), and I’m happy to give any of 'em a second look plus a spin to make sure they play clean. And I can send Discogs links for exact pressings if it matters.

@SupremeAxendancy, anything look of interest? No worries at all if not.

John Abercrombie Quartet- M (promo)
Atomic Rooster - IV
Bruford - Feels Good to Me
Cheech & Chong - Big Bambu (NM vinyl, includes oversized rolling paper!)
Fairport Convention - Maidstone 70
Robert Fripp - Exposure
Mike Gordon - Overstep (signed by Mike!)
Billy Joel - Cold Spring Harbor
Willie Nelson - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
The Residents - Warning Uninc. (RSD, played once)
Elliot Sharp/Carbon - Larynx

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Vinyl only?
Long shot, but the only Gizz merch I’d really like that I dont have is the 2019 Sydney toys poster. Just putting that out there, as I have a lot of other Gizz/Flightless stuff.

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The toys posters float around from time to time.

My grails are the Cleveland and Columbus '22 posters. They’re the only shows I’ve attended i dont have posters for. The CLE merch line was literally two hours long, with reports of multiple people missing the start of Gizz. So I said fuck it and enjoyed the show. As for Cbus, heavy rains that night made me stay out of the poster line and realistically, many more posters got destroyed in the pit/rain than other shows, making them more rare.

But hey, I have foils for trade for those lol

I’ve never seen the Sydney one available unfortunately, the US ones tend to be more popular, though I hope that makes Sydney not too valuable.
It’s the only Gizz show that I’ve been to that had a poster, and I’d just gotten rid of my old poster collection and sworn off them at the time. New rule going forward is for shows that I attend haha, but it’s much easier to catch them at a festival here anyway.

I’m looking for Gizz cassettes if anybody’s got some they’re looking to unload.

hmm I gotta check out those first couple albums, not familiar with the artists…

How’s that Fripp album?

It’s from around the time that Fripp was experimenting as a pop producer (Daryl Hall, Peter Gabriel, The Roches) so you get the sense that he’s trying to be commercial without sacrificing intensity. It’s a cool listen but I don’t put it on that much.

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Hadn’t heard of Atomic Rooster before, but I found In Hearing Of on iTunes and it’s pretty rockin… Discogs suggests that IV is a relabeled Nice n Greasy? If this disc is in good condition I’m interested!

I’d call it VG. Vinyl has a couple of light scuffs, the most visible being on A1 but I just tested it and you can barely hear them under the music. Sleeve is more like G/G+. Typical wear for a record of this age, with a cut upper-left corner. (It does have the original inner sleeve.)

Yeah, I guess the retitled this for release in the states? Not an expert on these guys by any stretch. Median price is about $15. If you’re interested, how about my Atomic Rooster + Fripp for your Damon?

I’m more inclined towards the Mike album than the Fripp one tbh… Mike + Atomic Rooster for Damon + Steel Pulse??

Sounds good to me! DMing ya now.

The first KGLW Forum Vinyl Rehoming has been a rousing success!! Thanks @RattleRattleRattle !

Yeah, that was fun. This Damon album is wild!