Video games + Gizz albums

What video games go best with which KG albums?

I’ve been playing lots of Zelda TotK while listening to PDA because they came out around the same time.


Made in Timeland while playing Clustertruck is really fun…


That one has been sitting in my steam library for a very long time. I’ll have to check it out.

I feel like Eyes like the Sky would go great with RDR or RDR2, both of which I’m yet to play. I think Stu actually mentioned RDR when this album came out.

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Definitely echo the eyes like the sky and RD combo. Its too perfect :cowboy_hat_face:

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I often found Tool as a great compliment to Factorio, so I bet Polygondwanaland and PetroDragonic Apocalypse go down about as well.


MOTU/Nonagon and Chivalry 2


Just realized I’m gonna need to bust out THPS and spin 12 Bar.

Infest the Rats Nest and Polygondwanaland go perfectly with Diablo 4


I’ve listened to OG while playing Mario Kart 8 a few times and it’s fun

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I played Horizon Forbidden West to all 3 microtonal albums in one day.
Ahhhh medibles, tunes and an openworld simulation.
Introverts Unite!

Not King Gizz, but the first time I was in the Depths → Blighttown section in Dark Souls, I had Soundtracks for the Blind by Swans playing in the background and it fit the vibe so perfectly.

Not a full album, but “Music to Die To” is Runescape music and it can’t be proven otherwise

OK, this one is way too obvious, but this combo went way harder than it had any right to.

Sketches and B3K work really well with Minecraft.

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Alright new discovery: listening to Ice Death/LD/Changes while playing Stardew Valley is really fun

BF3K and Mario Kart go well together. DOOM and the two Metal albums. Also just a personal duo I combined and enjoyed was Polygondwanaland and Far Cry 5

Not gizzard but Rush’s a farewell to kings is my fortnite album, which is always changing. Last week it was Aquabats floating eye.