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is spreading lies about a man being alright with raping women, a similarly appalling line of behavior?

How about sending anonymous emails, telling someone they have no friends, and they should kill themselves?

What about sending a picture to someone over a messenger, with the intent of saying “I know who you are and this is a picture of you”. Isnt that a form of intimidation?

at what point should there be consequences? should there be consequences? This community isn’t as open and inviting as the band makes it out to be.

All 3 of these things have been done to me personally, by gizz super fans. They are bullies.

crickets, not surprising

I have no horse in this race and haven’t been following any of the controversy but I want to throw in my support and say that what was done to you is in no way acceptable nor normal. The same goes to the kind of vitriolic criticism that was sent towards the doc makers. One does not make the other less unacceptable and vice versa. Shamefully, obsessive personalities that make up super-fanbases often comes with borderline behavior and that sucks for everyone.
in the wise words of Scroobius Pip, “King Gizzard… is just a band” - everyone needs to chill

I want to make clear that the team denounces all forms of harassment within the fanbase.


fuck all of that plastic…unless its nonagon necklaces and the oompa loompas get their cut

Don’t you also make your own bootleg Gizzard merch? I thought we had all acknowledged the cognitive dissonance of merch by this stage, the band couldn’t exist without it.


clay poker chips aren’t plastic, but thanks for keeping tabs on me

I wasn’t aware you made poker chips, but it doesn’t bother me what material you use for merch.
The Nonagon necklaces in the documentary are metal and enamel by the way, both materials that can be produced and used in a much more eco-friendly way than most plastic.

what did you think I made besides recordings that are freely shared with the community dispiit all the shit I’ve dealt with from this community. community is used loosely.

We certainly appreciate your recordings. One will be featured in our next volume of Brent’s Recs (recommending the best live Gizz recordings).


then I suggest you give my thread about the harassment I’ve recieved from super fans some traction by adding a response or there may not be a show to review. Ween fans are finding out the hard way starting today

You should seriously chill out. Just because you make live recordings for free doesn’t make you a saint. Nobody is out to get you. You’re continuously creating huge conspiracies where everyone is against you, and the only one causing issues for you is yourself. This is an open and accepting community, and there is no need to go on constant tirades trying to call people out. What harassment have you received?

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This discussion is being consolidated ITT since it is not related to the tour doc thread.


You need to grow the fuck up and quit acting like a baby.

Hey everyone,

We’ve decided to lock this thread due to the increasingly toxic, combative behavior on display here. We love the idea of being a place for spirited, intense debate, but this thread has largely served as a venue for name calling and trolling. As @AlteredBeef has already noted, we denounce all forms of harassment within the fanbase.

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