The Ren thread

Music video or high art? This is an insane level of talent all around to pull this off on their independent artist level of budget. And supposedly its a live one-take even though there seems to be a couple of spots they could of hid an edit.

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I watched this one. Compelling story and video, but it doesn’t scratch the itch that music does for me.

Ren got UK #1!


Good article. That really puts it into perspective. This has gotta feel like your victory, too.

His typical routine for most of this year:

And him back in 2014 years into his illness, but before finally diagnosed with Lyme and the stem cell transplant that made him well enough to start to play more, but never well enough to tour.

This is absolutely amazing, thank you for sharing. I’ve not heard of Ren before!

Listening to this album has finally opened my eyes. Whoa.

Even the songs that I don’t like in the beginning, like Uninvited, win me over by the end.

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I hope you guys will enjoy my Ren Reactions playlist :100::white_heart:


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I think Ren is tired of the press getting his life story wrong. I just don’t think they believe what he has been though. So he’s going to tell it himself: Chapter 1 (

I made some updates to The Ren YouTube Charts

new Ren song. It’s his story of hope, to maybe give others hope they too can get better.