The Greatest Gizz Show Ever?

The highest rated shows on as of writing are:

  1. 2022-10-11 Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, CO, USA King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard -

  2. 2023-08-14 Bonatchiesse Bagnes, Switzerland King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard -

  3. 2022-10-26 The Eastern Atlanta, GA, USA King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard -

  4. 2019-08-21 Mission Ballroom Denver, CO, USA King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard -

  5. 2022-10-29 Stubb's Bar-B-Q Austin, TX, USA King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard -

Interested to see what everyone’s personal #1 is though, especially any dark horse picks.


Live in Brisbane '21 is my favourite I think, dissapointing its not even in that top 5.

I’m pretty shocked 2022-11-02 didn’t even make the top 5; the full MOTU is incredible.

I was at #1 & #3.
Not too shabby for an old man…
Maybe I’ll dig into the old hard drive and find some unreleased video from 2015 at The Earl Atlanta to celebrate?

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That would be amazing! We have an active archival effort in the team for exactly this kind of thing.

Obviously the best gizz show is the first one you attended until the next one you attended with a setlist that has almost all of your favs. For me that would be
Amsterdam 23 → Brussels 23. Both amazing, different emotions for the venue too

The next one. :grin:


After having to wait over a year since my last one, the next Gizz show will definitely be the best!

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10/11/22 is the best of the 3 Red Rocks marathons, so they got that one right :grin:

Honestly the top three listed here are in my top five. I only went to the Red Rocks show, the others I listen to online ALOT (that PALP show at number two is absurd). I think 10-11-22 has been surpassed in terms of music quality but the vibe of that day may never be surpassed. recently The Hamburg marathon show is a contender for one of the best shows ever. Otherwise, my favorites come from the shows I’ve been to lol.

I’ll always stick by Cabaret Vert on 2016-08-25 as the best show they’ve ever done. Not because it has a lot of variety, not because its even the best played show, but because of the raw energy of it. It is non-stop fire, them blasting through Nonagon Infinity and a few other tunes and looping it all the way back into “Robot Stop.” The endurance it must have took as well. Try playing along with it. It’s a workout. That show is magical. It’s what rock is meant to be. I love Gizzard’s shows these days but I miss how over the top the band was in '16. When I think of Gizzard as a live band, I always think of this one.

(Also I find the top rated interesting because I don’t think any of them would rank super high in my own rankings. Maybe I have to give them another listen but there’s a lot of others I find more impressive.)

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10/11/22 was my first gizz show, and i was totally feeling the legendary vibe. Will now be going to see them for the 6th-10th time during the usa 2024 tour