Unless they pull a surprise release of the long-rumoured “2 Nonagon 2 Infinity” or something, it looks like these are the two records we’re getting this year, and I’m curious: which one did ye prefer?

  • Petrodragonic Apocalypse
  • The Silver Cord
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The option for Silver Cord encompasses both versions btw.

In case you want a refresher:

Haven’t listened to PDA in full since, but one surprising thing is that getting familiar with TSC has made me appreciate it’s
counterpart more than I originally did. It’s wild to think that they jammed both in studio, obviously they are so much more comfortable on guitars in that genre as TSC sounds a bit clunkier in comparison.

I like both albums. And they are too different to say this one or that one is better. The normal versions on TSC are great, the radio edits not so much, but still good.

PDA has the driving energy that drew me to Gizz in the first place. I should have given the Silver Cord a better chance but electronica isn’t my favorite and there’s just been so much other good music lately from other bands. I had the same reaction with Changes though and now its one of my favorite albums, so who knows.

I thoroughly enjoyed both but Witchcraft is my favorite song across both albums which was the decider for me.

both are great but Silver Cord got me more…Dragon is 9:44 min of amazing music still…so