Thank you, Tao Te Ching


I was feeling a crashing wave of stress, when I saw the Tao Te Ching tab I leave open on my computer. This message is perfect for me right now. Thank you, Tae Te Ching. Also, thank you to @Listening_Wind who reminded me to read this book again.

If you’re unfamiliar or want to give it another read, here’s a free version. Feel free to share any gems in this thread.

Success is as dangerous as failure.
Hope is as hollow as fear.

What does it mean that success is a dangerous as failure?
Whether you go up the ladder or down it,
you position is shaky.
When you stand with your two feet on the ground,
you will always keep your balance.

What does it mean that hope is as hollow as fear?
Hope and fear are both phantoms that arise from thinking of the self.
When we don’t see the self as self,
what do we have to fear?

See the world as your self.
Have faith in the way things are.
Love the world as your self;
then you can care for all things.

The Tao doesn’t take sides;
it gives birth to both good and evil.
The Master doesn’t take sides;
she welcomes both saints and sinners.